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Executions in the Lone Star State

According to PBS, Texas now executes a great deal more people than any other state in America, although Virginia actually holds the record for most executed overall. The very first execution ever held in what would come to be the United States of America took place in Virginia in 1608. The state has since executed … Continue reading

Controversial Textbooks In Texas Classrooms

By Angela Kaye Mason, Tex.Org Contributor Bryan McLeroy and the Texas State School Board Thanks to the Texas state school board, there could be very controversial changes coming to the textbooks in our Texas classrooms. It all started with a dentist by the name of Don McLeroy from Bryan, Texas, who apparently agrees with Winston … Continue reading

Is College a Post-Secondary Education?

By Johnny Bevers Post-secondary education, also referred to as higher education (or college), is a level of schooling that goes beyond secondary education. For example, it could involve getting a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s or attending a trade school to learn skills for a specific industry. There are specific institutions that offer post-secondary … Continue reading

How the Texas Virtual K12 Academy Works

By Lisa Czachowski, Tex.Org Contributor The Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA) is a much talked about online school, designed to provide online learning opportunities for children from 3rd through 12th grade. The goal of this virtual academy is to offer children with the opportunity to learn in a manner that is most fitting for their own … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Graduation Announcements

By Johnny Bevers Graduation is an important event, and you will almost certainly want to invite people to share this mile-stone with you, both at the ceremony itself and afterwards at some kind of celebration.  More and more people are choosing to make their own graduation announcements to inform people of their success and to invite … Continue reading

How Technology Is Having A Positive Effect On Education

By Johnny Bevers The positive effects of technology on education are many and are changing the way our children, and indeed anyone in education, is learning.  Technology at school means that students are better able to research outside or inside the classroom; they have access to a greater range of instruction; and are able to … Continue reading

The Top Five Culinary Schools in the World

Although you don’t need to attend culinary school to become a great chef, it certainly does help. Notable chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Keith Floyd, Charlie Trotter, Heston Blumenthal and Koumei Nakamura all attended a culinary school. It is extremely unlikely that these chefs would have achieved such notoriety had they not studied such … Continue reading

The Best Colleges In Austin TX

By Johnny Bevers Attending college has long been considered the obvious “next step” after a student finishes high school, and in today’s economy a college degree may be more necessary than ever to qualify for many of the most desirable jobs. Recent high school grads aren’t the only ones who should strongly consider attending college … Continue reading

Where To Attend Community College In Dallas TX

For those located in the Dallas, TX area you will find you have a variety of Community College choices.  Each Community college offers classes that may suit your educational needs.  The following will identify community colleges in and near the Dallas, TX area as well as major programs they have to offer. Eastfield College Campus … Continue reading

Top Universities in Texas

Texas is home to a broad number of Universities. Those considering studying in the state have a large selection to choose from, though not all may be suitable. Here we look at the top universities in Texas and their background to help make the all important selection. University of Texas, Austin UT Austin is one … Continue reading

Texas A&M Bookstore

Those visiting the Texas area looking for a little bit of retail therapy, combined with a some local history and culture could do a lot worse than heading to the Texas A&M Bookstore.  Based on a leafy boulevard around two miles East of Eastwood airport, this is not, as the name suggests, a mere bookstore. … Continue reading