ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now

If you’re a Texan wondering how to claim unclaimed property or if there’s a government list of unclaimed money, ClaimItTexas is legit and your one-stop solution.

Easily retrieve abandoned assets with our help. 7 billion dollars is unclaimed in Texas Treasury Money.

We’ll help you figure out if you have any unclaimed money in Texas. So if you’re motivated to get your hands on some cash, look no further than ClaimItTexas!

How to claim unclaimed property now in the state of Texas, find unclaimed money, find lost money are just a few ways Texans search for unclaimed cash. Texans wonder if there is a government list of unclaimed money?  What is ClaimItTexas? It is one stop shopping to easily retrieve abandoned assets. How DO I find out if I have unclaimed money in Texas?

In the first place, if you are like most Texans you would never believe you had Texas unclaimed money. Money is not exactly falling off trees.

Is Claim it Texas Legit?

Yes. We tried it and within 10 days we received our funds. Secondly, Texans would be surprised to learn the reasons their money is being held up on ClaimItTexas. It is a site which lists more than unreturned deposits from a business such as a rental property company or from a utility provider.

There are dozens of reasons for unclaimed money in Texas. Below are a few that may have you wondering… Maybe I or someone I know is on the list. Maybe I should check out ClaimItTexas right now! Here is how to claim unclaimed property in Texas! Good Luck!

ClaimitTexasTypes of Unclaimed Money in Texas

Below are reasons you may have unclaimed money in Texas:

Workers Compensation Benefit

Mineral Royalty

Utility Deposit

College Refund or Rebate

Finance Company Loan Death Benefit

Premium Refund on Individual Policy

Dividends (example from Texas instruments)

Wages, Payroll and Salary (largely from temp agencies)

Escrow or Title Insurance

Kmart and other store layaway

Gift Certificates (example: Pampered Chef)


Trade Accounts

AT&T Mobility settlements and similar

Customer Overpayment (example: Verizon)

Public Accounts

Likewise, Texans ask if it is an easy process.  It was for me.  The main reason is because Texas allows the claimant to upload images and documents.  Some other states do not allow it or are just now upgrading and streamlining efficiency. is a public division of the Texas Comptroller in Austin and has returned billions in assets since 1963.  

First, search by your last name or first and last.  More results appear with the last name only. When you find what you believe is yours, select the claim button.  You will select a drop down menu for the relationship to the claimant. 

You will also receive a claim form by email. 

unclaimed property search easy log in
ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now


hit the claim button on claim it texas
ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now


view unclaimed properties
ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now
claimtit texas relationship drop down
ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now


a.I am the owner

b.I have POA (power of attorney) for the owner

c I am legal heir to the owner

d.I am court appointed Admin/ Executor to the owner/ Estate

e.I am trustee for the owner

f.I am parent/ legal guardian of the owner

g.I am a Government entity

h.I am an officer for the business

claim it texas primary information required to claim your money
ClaimitTexas – How to claim unclaimed property now

Next, You will receive an email from with your claim number and further instructions:

Claim ID ########
Dear Claimant:

Claim ######## has been approved. Either-

1. No further action is necessary on your part.

2. Proof of Identity required.

 You should receive payment within 10 business days. 


Delivery Methods Available: 

Upload your documentation to the state through the claimittexas org official site secure online portal (opens in a new tab). You can access this portal by hovering over Claiming Property > “Upload Claim Documentation.” 

Mail in your documentation to the following address: 
Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Unclaimed Property Claims Section 
P.O. Box 12046 
Austin, TX 78711-2046


Finally, can I donate my Texas unclaimed property money? Yes, Indeed. The Texas Match the Promise Foundation offers competitive matching scholarships and tuition grants. They are offered to students who are beneficiaries of a Texas Tuition Promise Fund® account — the state’s prepaid college tuition plan.

In conclusion, you can donate all or a portion of your ClaimItTexas property to the wonderful children of Texas. Texas children are future engineers, oceanographers, actors and many other professions.  What a charitable way to help Texas children realize their dreams and become productive, helpful adult Texas citizens. While it is so much fun to get money you didn’t know you had, it is more blessed to give to the Texas children. Texan kids can one day build a stronger Texas thanks to your charitable heart.

Texas Comptroller

Take a few minutes and easily claim your money

Texans are always looking for ways to make their lives better, and that includes finding money they think is rightfully theirs. Have you ever wondered if there’s a government list of unclaimed assets in Texas? We’ve got everything on it- cash claims, property assessments & more importantly -How DO I claim my abandoned asset(s)?