Eloping In Galveston

Key Takeaway:

  • Eloping in Galveston offers various benefits, including beautiful locations and the chance to have a memorable experience without the stress of a large wedding.
  • There are different wedding options to choose from, such as beach weddings, Galveston wedding chapels, and intimate ceremonies for 2 or small groups.
  • With photography packages, decor options, and professional service providers available, couples can customize their elopement to create a special and personalized celebration.

Galveston offers a stunning backdrop for those seeking a memorable elopement experience. Discover the numerous benefits of choosing Galveston as your elopement destination, from its breathtaking beaches to its romantic sunsets. Dive into the requirements for eloping in Galveston, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable celebration of love. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with beauty, charm, and lifelong memories in this enchanting coastal city.

Benefits of Eloping in Galveston

Eloping in Galveston brings many advantages for couples who want a unique and intimate wedding. Its scenic beauty, combined with options for venues and services, provides many benefits.

  • Galveston has stunning spots for beach weddings, so couples can say their vows with an ocean view.
  • Photography packages are available, so couples can capture the moment in professional photos.
  • Galveston offers white or ivory drapery for a romantic atmosphere.
  • The city supports same-sex marriages, with inclusivity and acceptance.

The Galveston Wedding Chapel is perfect for traditional ceremonies with a rustic arch. For two people, there’s a bridal room and decorated staircase. Larger groups of 3-5 can also have minister/officiant services and support for the couple.

Vow renewals, surprise proposals, and commitment ceremonies can also be arranged. Silk flower arrangements are available for 6-15 guests, and sound engineers can be hired to make sure everyone hears. Barefoot weddings provide a relaxed atmosphere with white garden chairs.

For those who want an outdoor garden wedding, Galveston’s Gulf Coast has chairs and a gorgeous backdrop. A wedding announcement sign adds a personal touch, while Southern Charm adds elegance.

Ready to elope in Galveston? Just make sure you meet the requirements, and enjoy your special day!

Requirements for Eloping in Galveston

When eloping in Galveston, certain requirements must be met. Couples must visit the county clerk’s office and present proper identification. They must wait 72 hours after obtaining the license before the ceremony can take place. Witnesses must also be present to sign the marriage license.

Couples must consider the specific venue for their ceremony. Options include the beach, a Galveston wedding chapel, and various decorations. For larger elopements with three to five guests, arrangements can be made for a minister/officiant and up to 40 guests.

Vow renewals and commitment ceremonies are also available. The decor can be minimal or include features such as a single bamboo arch. Silk flower arrangements, sound engineers, white garden chairs, and a personalized sign are all options as well.

Overall, eloping in Galveston provides plenty of options to make the ceremony special and memorable.

Choosing the Perfect Location

When it comes to eloping in Galveston, the perfect location can make all the difference. In this section, we’ll explore various options that cater to different preferences and party sizes. From romantic beach weddings to intimate ceremonies at the Galveston Wedding Chapel, we’ll dive into the array of choices available for your special day. Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal or a vow renewal, we’ll discuss minimal decor, silk flower arrangements, sound engineering, and more to ensure a truly memorable experience.

Wedding At Beach

Couples seeking a unique and picturesque beach wedding in Galveston can find plenty of options. From packages including special occasion options and photography, to white or ivory drapery for the ceremony, same-sex marriages are welcomed. The Galveston Wedding Chapel offers a rustic arch and bridal room for smaller weddings, while parties of three to five guests can find minister/officiant services. Vow renewals and surprise proposals are also popular, with decor options including rustic elegance, mini weddings, a hexagon arch, or “Me & The Sea” theme. For larger weddings, a sound engineer is available for 16 to 30 guests. Alternatively, couples can opt for “Barefoot Weddings Galveston” with white garden chairs. No matter the size of the party, Galveston provides a stunning setting for elopements that will last a lifetime.

Special Occasion

This Special Occasion package offers photography packages to capture those precious moments! The couple can choose between white or ivory drapery for a romantic atmosphere.

Galveston happily welcomes and celebrates same-sex marriages – making it an inclusive location for all couples.

Unique details make this package stand out. The Rustic Arch adds vintage charm. The bridal room offers a private space for the bride to prepare. The decorated staircase and white column arch create elegance and sophistication – bringing a truly magical ambiance to the special day.

Photography Packages

For more info ’bout Photography Packages, here’s a table summarizin’ some options:

Package Description
Special Occasion This package offers photography for beach weddings. It captures candid moments, posed shots, and group photos.
Free With Package Couples get a complimentary photography session with their elopement package.
Assorted Decor This package includes floral arrangements and themed props to liven up the photographs.
Rustic Elegance For a rustic-themed elopement, this package provides photos that highlight natural elements and give a vintage feel.

Plus, there could be other specific options to choose from. When deciding, couples should consider style, budget, and photo composition. For example, “Me & The Sea” or “Hexagon Arch” for minimalistic & intimate shots. “Party 17-40 Guests & Wedding” or “Up To 40 Guests” for larger elopements. Selecting the right package guarantees beautiful & unique pictures that will last for years. Galveston’s elopements will be draped in white or ivory drapery.

White Or Ivory Drapery

White or ivory drapery is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your elopement ceremony in Galveston. It creates a romantic atmosphere and provides a visual focal point that complements the natural beauty of the venue. Plus, this classic choice pairs well with any color scheme, allowing you to personalize the decor.

Drapery also has several practical benefits. It softens outdoor spaces and offers shade and privacy for both you and your guests. Plus, it’s versatile enough to fit any theme or vibe – from Bohemian beach weddings to elegant indoor ceremonies.

When selecting white or ivory drapery, consider lightweight, breathable fabrics. This will ensure they flow gracefully and provide comfort to you and your guests throughout the ceremony.

Galveston is ready to celebrate your same-sex marriage with a touch of coastal charm.

Same Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriages in Galveston let couples celebrate their love in a special way. Weddings can be held at the beach, with packages for photography and drapery. Every couple is embraced and supported.

The Galveston Wedding Chapel is also an option. It gives a rustic arch backdrop for the ceremony, no matter if it’s an intimate elopement or a gathering with family and friends. There are also services and ministers for weddings with up to 40 people, plus vow renewals.

For minimal decor, options like rustic elegance and hexagon arch setups are available. Or, go nautical with the “Me & The Sea” package. Surprise proposals and commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples are also offered. The “Marry Me Sand & Sea” package has a single bamboo arch, perfect for the start of a new journey.

Galveston offers the perfect spot for same-sex couples to exchange vows and begin their lives together.

Galveston Wedding Chapel

A Galveston Wedding Chapel is ideal for couples who want to tie the knot in Galveston. This cozy and special setting has different choices for creating the perfect wedding ceremony. From vintage arches to decorated staircases, couples can design their wedding to their heart’s content. Whether you want a beach wedding or an indoor ceremony, the Galveston Wedding Chapel has something for you.

For a romantic and rustic feel, the Rustic Arch is a favorite. The Bridal Room offers a comfy space for the bride to ready up. Outdoor ceremonies take place at the Garden Chairs on Galveston’s Gulf Coast. Smaller groups of 3-5 can have an intimate wedding with personalized decor and attention. For more people, the White Garden Chairs provide seating for 6-20 guests.

The Galveston Wedding Chapel also offers special details. Its Simply Sand & Sea wedding announcement sign adds a personal touch. With the Photography Package, you get memorable experiences with free photography. The Southern Charm package makes your day truly special. The Chapel caters to vow renewals, surprise proposals, and commitment ceremonies. The Galveston Wedding Chapel will make your elopement in Galveston an unforgettable experience.

Walk the aisle in style with the rustic arch. Even elopements deserve charm!

Rustic Arch

The Rustic Arch is a popular pick for couples eloping in Galveston. It has a rustic, organic feel that makes it perfect for exchanging vows and creating special memories. It’s made of natural materials like wood or branches, plus it can be decorated with flowers or greenery. This provides a warm and romantic atmosphere for your ceremony.

However, there are other options available in Galveston. Each location offers its own unique features and decor. So, couples can choose the setting that best suits their vision for their elopement.

One couple had an unforgettable experience with the Rustic Arch. They were amazed by its natural beauty and how it fit in perfectly with their rustic wedding. They exchanged heartfelt vows surrounded by family members. The bride was stunning in her lace gown, while the groom looked dapper in his navy suit. With their photography package, they were able to relive their special day for years to come.

Party Of 2

Party Of 2 in Galveston offers couples a special bridal room to prepare for their special day. The staircase is decorated for a picturesque entrance. White column arch serves as a backdrop, adding an elegant touch.

Couples can elope in a personalized manner. Hexagon arch and “Me & The Sea” themed wedding setup are options. The “Marry Me Sand & Sea” package offers an unforgettable experience with its single bamboo arch setup.

Silk flower arrangements are available for parties of 6-10 and 11-15 guests. For parties of 16-30 guests and weddings, sound engineer services are recommended. Barefoot weddings offer couples the chance to exchange vows with their toes in the sand, for parties of 6-20 guests.

The chapel garden provides a romantic setting for exchanging vows. The “Simply Sand & Sea” package includes a wedding announcement sign. Photography packages are available, capturing southern charm, for parties of 3-5 guests and weddings. Make your elopement extra special!

Bridal Room

A Bridal Room is provided by wedding services in Galveston. It’s specially designed and decorated for a private space for the bride to get ready. It offers a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for the bride to relax and have her hair and makeup done, then put on her wedding dress.

The room is furnished with luxurious chairs, mirrors, and lighting. Plus, it has a dressing area with a full-length mirror and a vanity table for the bride to store her stuff. Decorations like flowers and drapery create a romantic atmosphere. The room also provides a sense of privacy and tranquility allowing the bride to escape from the busy wedding preparations.

An attendant is there to help the bride with any last-minute needs. The room is near the ceremony venue, so the bride doesn’t have to travel far.

In summary, the Bridal Room in Galveston gives brides a private space to get ready. It’s equipped with amenities and decorations to make it a comfortable and luxurious environment for them to prepare for their special day.

Decorated Staircase

A decorated staircase is a glamorous and stylish addition to any wedding. It brings grandeur and sophistication, making a stunning focal point for guests and photographers. For couples eloping in Galveston, there are various options available.

The Party Of 2 package provides access to a bridal room and a tastefully decorated staircase. This allows the couple to make a grand entrance as they descend the stairs. The decorations can be customized to suit the couple’s style.

For larger parties, packages include a bridal room, a staircase, minister/officiant service and special accommodations for the bride and groom.

Couples can choose from various themes or styles for their decorated staircase. Whether it’s rustic elegance, minimalist design or something whimsical like “Me & The Sea,” there’s sure to be something to suit their taste.

A decorated staircase adds glamour and charm to your special day. It creates a stunning background for photos and unforgettable memories to cherish.

Whit Column Arch

The Whit Column Arch is a stunning and sophisticated choice for couples eloping in Galveston. It provides a classic and timeless setting for wedding ceremonies, adding a touch of charm.

Unique features make this Arch stand out from other elopement options in the area. Its rustic yet refined aesthetic adds an element of sophistication. It’s perfect for intimate weddings or vow renewals, with small guest parties of 3-5 people. The combination of the whitewashed columns and the arch creates a beautiful backdrop.

Photography packages are available to capture every precious moment. Draping the arch with white or ivory fabric creates an ethereal ambiance. Plus, it is important to note that this location welcomes same-sex marriages.

Don’t miss the chance to create lasting memories at the Whit Column Arch. Book now to secure your spot and make sure your special day is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Party 3-5

For a special and memorable elopement experience in Galveston, with just 3-5 guests, there are plenty of options. The bridal room provides a private space for the bride to get ready. Plus, a decorated staircase, and a white column arch to create a stunning backdrop for the ceremony.

This creates an intimate atmosphere for the couple and their loved ones. Furthermore, there is a minister or officiant available to conduct the vows with solemnity and grace.

You can customize your elopement to perfectly reflect your style and preferences. Galveston provides it all!

Bridal Party

A bridal party is essential for a wedding ceremony. Close friends and family members support and celebrate the bride and groom. In Galveston, venues are available to suit different size groups.

Smaller groups of 3-5? There are stunning options like the beach or Galveston Wedding Chapel. These places have amenities such as a bridal room, decorated staircase, and white column arch.

Larger groups of 17-40? You can host both the ceremony and reception. Minister/Officiant services make it a smooth event.

Vow renewals? Sheer drapery and assorted decor provide a romantic backdrop. Or opt for rustic elegance or a hexagon arch. The Me & The Sea package has natural beauty.

Surprise proposals? Try the Marry Me Sand & Sea package or a single bamboo arch. Unique and intimate settings.

Barefoot Weddings Galveston offers packages for 6-20 guests or even up to 30. White garden chairs add an elegant touch.

The Chapel Garden has charming scenery for small or large groups. Garden chairs plus Gulf Coast views.

Extras such as photography packages or free announcement signs enhance the experience. Capture lasting memories.

Galveston offers venues and amenities for personalized weddings. Need someone to make it official? We’ve got the minister!

Minister/Officiant Services

Minister/Officiant Services are essential for elopement ceremonies in Galveston. They’re responsible for leading the event, performing the vows and solemnizing the marriage. They’ll guide the couple through each step, ensuring everything runs smoothly. They can customize the ceremony based on the couple’s beliefs, values, and traditions.

Moreover, they provide advice and help with legal requirements, like obtaining marriage licenses. They suggest readings, rituals, or special elements to make the ceremony unique and meaningful. For bigger events with 16-30 guests, they manage the group and create an intimate atmosphere.

Interestingly, Minister/Officiant Services have evolved over time to become more inclusive. Couples can now choose an officiant who aligns with their beliefs or even a non-religious officiant to create a secular ceremony. These services make a beautiful and meaningful experience for couples starting this new chapter. Eloping in Galveston may be expensive, but at least it’s only two people disappointing their families!

Bride And Groom

The bride and groom are the stars of any wedding ceremony. They represent two individuals celebrating their love and commitment. In Galveston, there’s lots of ways to make a special day even more special.

Beach weddings are available at gorgeous coastal locations. Special packages provide personalized services and enhancements. Photography packages help capture every moment. Drape options like white or ivory offer an elegant touch. Galveston welcomes same-sex marriages too.

At the Galveston Wedding Chapel, there’s a rustic arch for a beautiful backdrop. For smaller parties, the bridal room has a staircase decorated for an extra touch of elegance. For slightly bigger parties, a minister/officiant is available to guide the bride and groom through their vows.

For 17-40 guests, there are professional services for the bridal party. Plus, vow renewals and mini weddings are available. The hexagon arch adds modernity. Couples can choose “Me & The Sea” for a coastal theme. Surprise proposals can be arranged. Commitment ceremonies are available without legal marriage. Silk flower arrangements and sound engineers are always options. Barefoot experiences with white garden chairs are great for 6-20 guests. And, for the perfect touch, a wedding announcement sign can be included. Plus, free gifts with photography packages and Southern charm.

Galveston offers lots of choices to make the bride and groom’s day special. Every detail can be customized to create a lasting memory.

Party 17-40 Guests & Wedding

Galveston offers a range of options for a gathering of 17-40 guests. Services tailored to this party size provide a beautiful and intimate celebration.

Check out the table below to understand what’s offered for a wedding in Galveston:

Venue Services Provided
Bridal Party Accommodation
Minister/Officiant Services Professionals
Bride And Groom Personal attention
Wedding All-inclusive package

Galveston also has a picturesque coastline and charming rustic elegance. Decor options include minimal decor or silk flower arrangements.

Pro Tip: Include personalized touches like meaningful readings or rituals to make your celebration special.

Renew your vows in Galveston! Get a second wind with sand and sea.

Vow Renewals

Celebrate your everlasting love with a vow renewal ceremony in beautiful Galveston. Customize your special day with white sheer drapery, wedding arches, and exquisite silk flower arrangements. From intimate gatherings to events with up to 40 guests, let Galveston be the perfect place to make new memories.

Make your vow renewals memorable with our various decor options. Have an intimate ceremony with your guests surrounded by graceful drapery and breathtaking wedding arches. Create a rustic elegance that will enhance the natural beauty of Galveston’s coastal landscape.

Capture every moment of your special day with our photography packages. Preserve the memories of your joy and excitement when you say “I do” again. Don’t miss out on this chance to reaffirm your commitment in Galveston.

Book now and join us for a unique vow renewal experience in Galveston! Create lasting memories against the stunning backdrop of sand, sea, and Southern charm. Don’t let this opportunity pass – celebrate your love and create special memories in one of Texas’s most romantic destinations.

Assorted Decor: Add a little “something borrowed, something blue“, and something to make your vow renewals bizarrely funny.

Assorted Decor

The article’s ‘Assorted Decor’ section talks about the choices for decorating an elopement in Galveston. These decor ideas help create a unique and beautiful setting for your special day. To give a brief overview, a table has been made:

Decor Options Description
Rustic Elegance Adding natural charm to your elopement ceremony.
Mini Weddings Intimate weddings with minimal decorations.
Hexagon Arch A hexagonal arch for a modern elopement.
Me & The Sea Beach-inspired decor with elements of the sea.

Apart from these options, there are other unique details. Southern Charm brings traditional Southern elegance. Certain photography packages offer a memorable experience. For small parties (3-5 guests), there are specific decor arrangements. Up to 40 guests? More like a tiny village!

Up To 40 Guests

In Galveston, couples can elope with up to 40 guests. Whether they want a beach wedding, rustic chapel, or minimal decor, there are options.

The Galveston Wedding Chapel offers a rustic arch and charming atmosphere. Packages include minister/officiant services and accommodation for the bride and groom. Vow renewals can be arranged with decor and 40 guests. Surprise proposals can also be arranged with commitment ceremonies and bamboo arch setups. Silk flower arrangements are available for parties of 6-10 and 11-15. A sound engineer is offered for weddings with 16-30 guests or smaller parties of 2 or 21-30.

At Barefoot Weddings, couples can enjoy a ceremony with white garden chairs and 6-20 guests. The Chapel Garden provides outdoor seating and Galveston’s Gulf Coast backdrop. Eloping in Galveston allows couples to create a personalized experience with loved ones.

Get married in style with white sheer drapery that’s as beautiful as your love and future.

White Sheer Drapery

White sheer drapery is perfect for your special day! It adds timeless memories and an ethereal quality to your elopement ceremony. The flowing fabric creates a sense of romance and sophistication.

It’s versatile and will fit any style. Drape it over arches, columns or use it as an altar backdrop. It’s simple and elegant, making it a popular choice for couples.

Plus, it’s practical. It provides privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through. This creates a brilliant glow that will look great in photos.

One couple who eloped in Galveston shared their experience. They said the drapery added a sense of intimacy and ethereality to their beach ceremony. Plus, they enjoyed the views of the Gulf Coast.

Choose white sheer drapery to add elegance and beauty to your elopement ceremony. Walk down the aisle of love with style and grace!

Wedding Arches

Galveston is a perfect spot for intimate vow renewals, with decor for up to 40 guests and white sheer drapery adorning the wedding arches!

For a minimalistic and rustic look, hexagon arches provide a chic, modern touch.

Beach weddings? No problem! Choose from our ‘Me & The Sea’ package; a serene ocean setting with a bamboo arch, decorated to perfection.

These unique details make Galveston the ideal destination for couples wanting charm & elegance.

Choose the perfect backdrop for your elopement ceremony – minimal decor, maximum impact – and you’ll have a rustic elegance that’s simply unforgettable!

Minimal Decor

For a stylish yet understated wedding, go for minimal decor. Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings and create a serene atmosphere with simple, refined touches.

Hexagon Arch? Opt for this modern shape adorned with greenery and soft drapes.

Rustic Elegance? Fill wooden crates with wildflowers, antique lanterns, and lace details.

Mini Weddings? Incorporate candlelight, small floral arrangements, and subtle table settings.

Focus on quality over quantity for an atmosphere that feels chic without being too busy.

Galveston has you covered!

Rustic Elegance

Achieve Rustic Elegance with wooden accents, burlap, lace details, and vintage-inspired decor. For the ceremony, opt for a rustic arch adorned with flowers or fabric for a romantic backdrop. Natural florals in muted colors add elegance.

Reception decor: wooden farm tables with lace or burlap. Enhance the rustic feel with vintage china and mismatched glassware. Mason jars or brass candle holders create a warm glow. Add personalized signage and handwritten calligraphy for a memorable experience.

Rustic Elegance offers a wedding with rustic charm and elegant details. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with sophistication and a laid-back vibe. Get married in style with mini weddings – good things come in small packages as does patience for a big wedding!

Mini Weddings

Mini weddings in Galveston offer rustic elegance for couples looking for a special celebration. With options such as the Hexagon Arch and Me & The Sea packages, couples can make their ceremony unique. These mini weddings are designed for small groups, with a focus on just the couple and their love. Whether it is just them or a few loved ones, they can enjoy a charming setting.

Plus, couples can get silk flower arrangements for an extra touch of class. These arrangements provide elegance, but still keep it simple. Packages are available for parties of 6-15 guests, so couples can make sure every detail is perfect.

Photography packages are also available. Couples can document their mini wedding and remember the special moments forever. Traditional posed photos or candid snapshots can be captured beautifully.

Mini weddings in Galveston provide an intimate setting to exchange vows. Couples can choose decor, flowers, and photography packages. The simplicity and charm of these weddings make them a great alternative to traditional large ceremonies.

Hexagon Arch

The Hexagon Arch is an ideal choice for couples looking to have an unforgettable wedding in Galveston. This arch is a feature at the wedding venues there, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the atmosphere.

The table below explains the features of the Hexagon Arch:

Hexagon Arch Features
Rustic Elegance
Mini Weddings
Me & The Sea
White Garden Chairs
Party 6-20 Guests

The rustic elegance of the arch blends with the beach environment. It’s perfect for couples who love minimalism and want to make the ceremony more intimate. The arch can be decorated minimally, so the beauty of the beach and ocean can be seen.

This structure is best for mini weddings, creating a special space for the couple and close family and friends. It’s a great backdrop for exchanging vows and capturing memories.

It also caters to those who want a coastal theme in their wedding. With its “Me & The Sea” concept, couples can make use of Galveston’s Gulf Coast while saying their vows.

White garden chairs are available for seating, providing comfort and style for guests. The Hexagon Arch can accommodate 6-20 guests, giving loved ones space to gather around.

The ocean was no match when we said ‘I do’.

Me & The Sea

Elopements by the sea in Galveston offer couples a romantic and serene experience. The ocean’s natural beauty combined with a small ceremony creates an atmosphere unlike any other – “Me & The Sea”.

For a memorable time, consider the following options:

  • Rustic Elegance: An ideal setting for couples seeking charm and relaxation.
  • Mini Weddings: Perfect for those wanting a small, intimate gathering with family and friends.
  • Hexagon Arch: Add a modern touch with this unique backdrop.
  • Me & The Sea (Beach): Exchange vows with the breathtaking Gulf Coast as your background.

“Me & The Sea” also offers wedding packages with services such as silk flower arrangements, sound engineering, and bridal rooms. These details guarantee a worry-free elopement ceremony.

Don’t miss out! Make your dream elopement by the sea a reality – book now and create memories to last a lifetime.

Surprise Proposals

Make your surprise proposal even more unforgettable in Galveston! Our wedding services offer commitment ceremonies and Marry Me Sand & Sea packages. Choose from single bamboo arches and book now for a memorable experience.

  • Commitment Ceremonies: Celebrate your special bond with a personalized commitment ceremony.
  • Marry Me Sand & Sea: Pop the question in a stunning beach setting. Let the beauty of the Gulf Coast serve as your backdrop.
  • Single Bamboo Arch: Create a romantic atmosphere with our single bamboo arch.
  • Book Now: Secure your dream surprise proposal. Reserve your date and venue today!

For a unique surprise proposal experience, check out our offerings. Make lasting memories with commitment ceremonies, Marry Me Sand & Sea packages, and custom setups. Don’t miss out! Plan a magical surprise proposal and start the next chapter of your lives together amidst the beauty of Galveston. Commitment Ceremonies: The first step to unlocking your partner’s Netflix account!

Commitment Ceremonies

Couples can explore their options for a commitment ceremony in Galveston. From the Galveston Wedding Chapel to a beach location, the possibilities are endless. Decorate the venue with rustic arches and staircases, white sheer drapery and flower arrangements for a romantic atmosphere. Hire a sound engineer to ensure all guests can hear the ceremony and a minister or officiant to guide couples through their vows.

In planning the event, hire a reliable wedding service provider to assist with selecting a venue, decorations and photography packages. Dress and style for the commitment ceremony however you wish. Professional photographers and videographers can capture beautiful moments and create lasting memories.

After the ceremony, explore all that Galveston has to offer. Enjoy a romantic dinner or getaway. Make it unforgettable with Marry Me Sand & Sea – the perfect beach-side proposal.

Marry Me Sand & Sea

Couples in Galveston can have a romantic and unforgettable experience with their “Marry Me Sand & Sea” ceremony. It takes place on the stunning Gulf Coast, with sand and sea creating a gorgeous setting. With the help of Galveston Wedding Chapel, they can make a personalized ceremony that reflects their love.

The package includes:

  • A bamboo arch as a symbolic centerpiece
  • A sound engineer to ensure each word is heard
  • For an intimate celebration, a bridal room and white column arch
  • Silk flower arrangements to bring charm and nature to the event
  • Photography packages are also available

This special package offers couples a unique setting for their special moment. It’s perfect for a party of 6-15, or just the two of them. They can exchange vows surrounded by natural beauty and love.

Single Bamboo Arch

The Single Bamboo Arch is ideal for couples eloping in Galveston. Its unique design adds a touch of tropical beauty to the wedding backdrop. It’s customizable with fabric and flowers, making it truly enchanting. Perfect for intimate weddings, it creates a romantic atmosphere.

It offers both style and function. The bamboo construction provides shade, allowing for breathtaking views of the ocean. Plus, it serves as a stunning backdrop for photos.

So, choose a Single Bamboo Arch for your special day. Its elegance and charm will make your ceremony memorable. Say “I do” under the arch and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book Now

Ready to turn your wedding dreams into a reality? Book now and create unforgettable memories in Galveston! Whatever your vision and style, there’s an option for every couple. Our simple booking process only takes a few steps. Plus, our professional team is here to guide you through the whole experience. From selecting the perfect location to arranging photography packages and decor, we commit to making your elopement in Galveston truly special.

For those who want a stress-free experience, we offer silk flower arrangements and minimal decor options. Pick from our various arch designs like the rustic hexagon arch or the elegant me & the sea arch to create a unique setting.

When you book now with us, you’ll have access to our team of experienced professionals who will help bring your vision to life. We have sound engineers for larger parties, expert photographers to capture every moment, and minister/officiant services. Plus, bridal rooms for getting ready, decorated staircases and columns for stunning photos, and even party packages for surprise proposals or commitment ceremonies.

Don’t wait! Book now with Galveston Elopements and begin planning your dream wedding in one of Texas’ most beautiful destinations. With our exceptional service and attention to detail, we’ll make sure that your elopement is everything you’ve imagined and more. Create memories that will last a lifetime on the beautiful shores of Galveston.

Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk Flower Arrangements offer plenty of choices. Here’s what we have:

Table: Silk Flower Arrangements

  • Columns:
  • – Party Size: 6-10 Guests & Wedding
  • – Party Size: 11-15 Guests & Wedding

Each package includes intricate silk flower arrangements crafted by professional florists. They look ultra realistic and are the perfect addition to your ceremony.

Plus, they last longer than fresh flowers! You can enjoy their beauty all day and even take them home afterwards. With Silk Flower Arrangements, you’ll have gorgeous floral decorations without worrying about wilting or drooping.

Don’t miss out! Book now to experience the timeless beauty of these silk flower arrangements at your Galveston elopement.

Party 6-10 Guests & Wedding

Party 6-10 Guests & Wedding is ideal for intimate gatherings with your nearest and dearest. Galveston offers various options like a beach wedding or a chapel garden wedding to make your special day unique.

You can pick from these features and amenities available for this size of the party:

Column 1 Column 2
White Garden Chairs Rustic Elegance
Mini Weddings
Hexagon Arch
Me & The Sea

Plus, this package includes extra perks like professional silk flower arrangements and the option to hire a sound engineer for an amazing audio experience during your ceremony.

Sarah and John had their Party 6-10 Guests & Wedding in Galveston. They chose the Rustic Elegance theme with white garden chairs for their outdoor ceremony. Sarah was a vision in her beautiful gown as they said their vows with their closest friends and family. It was an intimate celebration full of love and joy that they will remember forever.

This package is great for small yet exciting parties with 11-15 guests – let the love and chaos begin!

Party 11-15 Guests & Wedding

Enjoy an intimate celebration with Party 11-15 Guests & Wedding in the stunning Galveston surroundings. This package offers many options to accommodate your guests and make it a memorable event.

Amenities and services include:

  • Decor: Venue will be beautifully decorated with garden chairs and a picturesque Galveston’s Gulf Coast backdrop.
  • Photography Packages: Capture every moment with professional photography packages – free of cost.
  • Sound Engineer: A sound engineer is provided for your party to make sure all speeches and music can be heard.

Choose Galveston for your wedding and experience the charm. With Party 11-15 Guests & Wedding, you can celebrate in style and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

Sound Engineer

A sound engineer is essential for excellent audio quality at your elopement ceremony. They’ll set up and use microphones and speakers to make sure every word is heard.

They’ll work with your wedding service provider to understand your needs. They’ll test and adjust the sound system for the best volume and clarity. Whether you need live music, recorded songs, or simply to amplify speeches and vows, the sound engineer will sync it all.

Sound engineers can also help with other audio needs. For example, background music and a mic for speeches after the elopement.

To make sure everything is perfect, speak to your wedding service provider and the sound engineer in advance. With their expertise, they’ll make your elopement sound as beautiful as it looks.

Party 16-30 Guests & Wedding

For parties with 16-30 guests and weddings, Galveston has something special. Professional officiants, accommodating bridesmaids and tailored ceremonies – all part of the package.

Check out the table for details:

Elements Details
Bridal Party Accommodates larger bridal parties
Minister/Officiant Services Professional officiants to conduct the ceremony
Bride And Groom Special attention to couple’s needs
Wedding Ceremony Customized for large groups

Plus, extra features like experienced wedding planners, extra decor options and exclusive venues. Make your special day remarkable with Galveston’s Party with 16-30 Guests & Wedding package. Book now!

Party 2

The Party 2 package offers plenty for couples to make their special day truly unforgettable. Here’s a summary of its key features:

Package Features
Bridal Room
Decorated Staircase
White Column Arch

Couples can enjoy a bridal room to get ready for their ceremony. Plus, the decorated staircase adds a classy touch to the venue. And the white column arch creates a romantic setting for the vows.

Party 2 also comes with personalized decorations and services. It allows couples to make memories with their closest loved ones. And Galveston’s attention to detail ensures an experience that surpasses expectations.

So bring the ultimate party to Galveston with 21-30 guests! Bigger is certainly better when it comes to celebrating love!

Party 21-30 Guests & Wedding

A table can be created to show the details and services included in the Party 21-30 Guests & Wedding option. The table will have four columns: “Services”, “Inclusions”, “Description”, and “Price”. Here is the breakdown of each column:

Services Inclusions Description Price
Venue Decoration Customized decor Includes personalized decorations tailored to your preferences and theme Price varies
Minister/Officiant Services Officiant services Includes a licensed minister to perform the wedding ceremony Price included
Bride and Groom Accommodations Accommodations Includes a stay for the bride and groom at a designated location Price varies
Bridal Party Arrangements Arrangements for bridal party Includes coordination of details for the bridal party Price varies
Sound Engineering Optimal audio experience Offers sound engineering to ensure all guests can hear every moment during the ceremony Price included

Unique to the Party 21-30 Guests & Wedding package is the Sound Engineering service, which provides an optimal audio experience so that all guests can hear every moment during the ceremony.

Pro Tip: To make your Party 21-30 Guests & Wedding even more special, consider adding personal touches like customized decor or special entertainment. These extra details will create lasting memories for both you and your guests on your special day in Galveston.

Barefoot Weddings Galveston

Barefoot Weddings Galveston offers a range of wedding packages. From rustic elegance to mini weddings, couples can create an intimate ceremony by the sea with hexagon arches and silk flower arrangements. Professional photography packages are available for capturing special moments.

Galveston’s Gulf Coast is perfect for surprise proposals and commitment ceremonies. The services cater to parties of two to twenty guests. The staff provides a personalized experience with Southern charm ambiance.

One couple experienced a dream beach wedding. With white garden chairs and the sound of waves, they exchanged vows under a decorated arch. The photographs captured every moment of their special day at this idyllic location.

White Garden Chairs

White Garden Chairs? A must for any outdoor wedding in Galveston! The chairs provide comfortable seating, plus they look elegant and charming. Their white color works with all sorts of wedding themes and color palettes. Plus, they make the venue look beautiful.

Their classic design gives the atmosphere a sophisticated touch. The best part? You can decorate them with ribbons or flowers. That way, they’ll match the theme of your wedding. Whether it’s rustic or glamorous, white garden chairs can blend right in.

Couples planning an outdoor wedding in Galveston can trust these chairs to set a timeless, elegant tone. They’re popular among couples who want an unforgettable experience for their guests. White garden chairs are the perfect choice for beachfront or garden ceremonies. They’ll add a special touch of elegance to the event.

Party 6-20 Guests & Wedding

Party or wedding? Choose from options that have rustic charm and elegance. Guests can be seated on white garden chairs in the Galveston Chapel Garden. This package is for smaller weddings with up to 20 people. Or, celebrate your day by the sea at Galveston’s Gulf Coast. Enjoy breathtaking views with six to twenty cherished guests. Make memories that will last forever.

Wedding At Chapel Garden

A wedding at the Chapel Garden in Galveston? Yes please! The natural beauty of the surrounding environment is perfect for exchanging vows. Garden chairs and the Gulf Coast backdrop provide a serene and picturesque setting.

Chapel Garden is a so romantic and intimate space. Lush greenery and fragrant flowers create an enchanting atmosphere. Comfy seating for guests allows them to witness the special moment.

This stunning scenery also offers a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos. A unique and memorable setting to capture the day.

Tip: Consider adding Southern charm to your Chapel Garden wedding. Rustic accents or a traditional Southern menu will enhance the experience.

Garden chairs await you to say ‘I do’ in style.

Garden Chairs

Couples in Galveston wanting something different for their outdoor ceremony? Garden Chairs are the way to go! Whether it’s an elopement for two or a party of twenty, these chairs bring comfort and style. Plus, you can decorate however you like. White fabric drapery, rustic arches, and a location along the Gulf Coast? Check, check, and check! Say “I do” with Garden Chairs in Galveston and feel the warmth of Southern hospitality around you. Nature’s serenity will be the picture-perfect backdrop for your special day.

Galveston’s Gulf Coast

Galveston’s Gulf Coast offers perfect settings for romantic wedding ceremonies. Exchange vows barefoot on the sand or under a decorated arch, and capture every moment with special occasion photography packages. White or ivory drapery can be added to create an elegant ambiance. Same-sex marriages are welcomed too.

For an alternative to a beach wedding, charming chapels are available, featuring beautiful arches and bridal rooms. Decorated staircases and white column arches add a touch of elegance to intimate ceremonies. Vow renewals are also popular. White sheer drapery and wedding arches create a romantic atmosphere.

Explore different venues, from minimalist hexagon arches and small gatherings, to “Me & The Sea” settings. Propose with a commitment ceremony on the beach. Silk flower arrangements and professional sound engineers are available for parties of 6-30 guests.

Barefoot Weddings Galveston offer white garden chairs and settings for parties of 6-20 guests, allowing couples to focus on each other and the surroundings. The Chapel Garden is another standout location, surrounded by beautiful garden chairs. Personalize the experience with a wedding announcement sign.

Photography packages may include extra features, allowing couples to cherish memories forever.

Wedding Announcement Sign

Wedding announcement signs are a formal and professional way to share the joyous news. These signs attract attention, informing guests about the upcoming celebration. Couples can customize the sign to match the overall theme of the event. Simple and classic designs, as well as more elaborate options, are available. Details such as the date, time, and location of the ceremony can be included.

These signs also serve as decorations. Intricate designs and artistic elements enhance the aesthetic appeal of the venue, creating an inviting atmosphere. Personalized elements make the sign even more unique. Couples can add meaningful symbols, quotes, or photographs of themselves.

After the ceremony, the sign can be kept as a memento or given as a token of appreciation to loved ones. A wedding announcement sign adds sophistication to any wedding. It serves as an informative tool, enhances the ambiance, and provides lasting memories.

Simply Sand & Sea

Simply Sand & Sea offers plenty for couples planning an elopement in Galveston! Cozy and romantic? They’ve got you covered.

For a romantic setting, check out the Galveston Wedding Chapel. It has a rustic arch and bridal room. Plus, an elegant staircase and column arch.

Going bigger? The Party Of 2 package can accommodate up to 5 guests. It includes minister services, prep areas, and a decorated ceremony space with a white column arch.

Vow renewals can be for up to 40 guests. Simply Sand & Sea will provide assorted decor, white sheer drapery, and stunning wedding arches.

The Rustic Elegance package is perfect for minimal decor with a touch of elegance. And for nature-lovers, the Me & The Sea option is ideal.

Surprise proposals can be made extra special with commitment ceremonies from Simply Sand & Sea. The Marry Me Sand & Sea option has a single bamboo arch.

Silk flower arrangements are also available for parties of 6-10 or 11-15 guests.

A professional sound engineer ensures impeccable sound quality during the ceremony. This service is ideal for parties of 16-30 or intimate gatherings.

Barefoot Weddings Galveston is another option. It includes white garden chairs and can accommodate 6-20 guests.

The Wedding At Chapel Garden is a great choice for those who prefer a garden setting. Comfy garden chairs overlook Galveston’s Gulf Coast.

Plus, there’s a customizable wedding announcement sign. It serves as a beautiful reminder of your journey as a married couple.

Simply Sand & Sea makes elopements in Galveston unforgettable! From intimate ceremonies to larger celebrations, there’s something for every couple.

Memorable Experience

Eloping in Galveston guarantees a memorable experience. Couples can create lasting memories with a beach wedding, a ceremony at the Galveston Wedding Chapel, a vow renewal, or even a surprise proposal.

The decorations and scenic locations offer romance and elegance. Plus, avail photography packages with free professional sessions for keepsakes.

When planning an elopement, couples should consider unique details and offerings. Careful consideration ensures that their elopement is unforgettable.

For a steal of a deal, grab the Photography Package – it’ll capture all special moments without breaking the bank!

Free With Photography Package

The Photography Package not only has professional photography but also ensures a special experience for your elopement ceremony. You get free add-ons like editing services, album design and additional prints. Plus, it includes exclusive perks like access to unique locations, props and decorations, and discounted rates for future services. With these extras, you can make your Galveston elopement even more special and unforgettable! Southern charm included!

Southern Charm

Say those two magical words and make your elopement in Galveston a dream come true! Galveston exudes southern charm with its carefully crafted details. From rustic arches of the Chapel to a white column arch at Party Of 2, all the venues boast minimal decor options like hexagon arch or Me & The Sea theme. Silk flower arrangements add a natural beauty while maintaining their vibrancy.

Galveston is inclusive in its approach. Same-sex marriages are welcomed and celebrated here. If you’re looking for a surprise proposal or commitment ceremony, there are many options; Marry Me Sand & Sea with its single bamboo arch, or Simply Sand & Sea to exchange vows against the backdrop of Galveston’s Gulf Coast.

One couple who chose Galveston for their elopement, opted for Party 3-5 at Say “I do” venue. They experienced the southern charm with up to five guests and free photography included in their package. From beginning to end, their ceremony was filled with warmth and delightful moments, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Galveston has it all – beautiful venues, attention to detail in decor, and an inclusive approach. All of this makes it an ideal destination for couples looking for an intimate and romantic elopement ceremony. So, experience true southern hospitality and elegance, and plan your elopement in Galveston.

Say “I do”

When eloping in Galveston, couples need to consider their own and their partner’s preferences. Every venue offers a unique chance to personalize the ceremony based on your vision.

  • Beach – You can say “I do” in front of the stunning scenery of a beach in Galveston.
  • Galveston Wedding Chapel – If you prefer a more traditional setting, the Galveston Wedding Chapel offers an intimate area to exchange vows. It also has a rustic arch for charm.
  • Party of 2 – This package is great if you want a private elopement. It includes a bridal room and decorated staircase with a white column arch.
  • Vow Renewals – Couples who want to renew their vows have various options like decor, up to 40 guests, white sheer drapery, and wedding arches.
  • Minimal Decor – If you’re looking for simplicity, there are packages with rustic elegance, mini weddings, hexagon arch, and me & the sea themes.

Capturing memories is also important. Photography packages are available to document the special day. Services for sound engineer and silk flower arrangements may also be included.

After the elopement, couples can celebrate and honeymoon in Galveston. Enjoy the Gulf Coast or local cuisine to make lasting memories.

To make the day special, plan ahead and consider all aspects, such as location, photography, videography, sound and decor. Saying “I do” in this gorgeous place will help you start your journey together with an amazing celebration of love.

Party 3-5 Guests & Wedding

The heading ‘Party 3-5 Guests & Wedding‘ is for an intimate wedding with a small crowd – from three to five people. Table of bridal party, minister/officiant services and bride and groom is included.

For a special experience for the couple, this package offers minimal decor yet still providing a meaningful ceremony. Vow renewals, surprise proposals and commitment ceremonies are available too.

This package is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their special day with close family and friends. It guarantees an intimate and personalized wedding experience in the city of Galveston.

Hiring a Wedding Service Provider

Seeking to tie the knot in Galveston? Discover the key aspects of hiring a wedding service provider as we delve into planning the perfect celebration for your party of 16-30 guests and the intimate wedding ceremony. Uncover the top-notch services available, ensuring an unforgettable experience on your special day.

Party 16-30 Guests & Wedding

Have a day to remember with our wedding services! We can cater up to 30 guests. Our options and amenities guarantee a perfect ceremony, providing an intimate atmosphere for larger parties.

Planning Your Elopement Ceremony

Planning Your Elopement Ceremony in Galveston can be meticulous. Make it stress-free by following this 4-step guide!

  1. Select the Perfect Location: From beaches to historic venues, pick the setting that aligns with your vision.
  2. Obtain Necessary Permits: Check guidelines and restrictions to avoid any legal complications.
  3. Find Ideal Vendors: Look for wedding planners, photographers, florists, and officiants who specialize in intimate ceremonies.
  4. Plan Your Celebration: Decide on the key elements, such as ceremony style, vows, music, and more. Incorporate local traditions for a one-of-a-kind experience. Utilize Galveston’s natural beauty or historic landmarks as a backdrop. Make your elopement ceremony memorable and unique!

Dressing and Styling for Your Elopement

When it comes to your elopement, dressing and styling are key! To look your best, remember:

  • Choose comfy, elegant attire. Pick clothes to suit the seaside setting of Galveston, plus lightweight fabrics to stay cool.
  • Embrace coastal charm. Incorporate elements like seashells and nautical motifs.
  • Focus on details. From jewelry to colors and patterns, they’ll elevate your look.
  • Think practical! Go for clothing that allows you to move easily.

Galveston offers unique details to enhance your style. Infuse vintage or classic elements like lace and Southern hats. Use the island’s natural beauty to inspire a color palette. Play with textures and layers, like a lightweight scarf or cape. Pick footwear that’s both stylish and practical. And, choose hair and makeup that can withstand the coastal elements.

By considering these suggestions, you can create an unforgettable, visually captivating elopement experience!

Capturing Memories: Photography and Videography

Capture the essence of your unforgettable elopement in Galveston through the lens of professional photographers and videographers. Discover the diverse photography packages available, allowing you to preserve every precious moment of your special day. With their expertise and artistic vision, these professionals will ensure that your memories are beautifully immortalized, so you can relive the magic of your Galveston elopement for years to come.

Photography Packages

Understand Galveston’s Photography Packages better by looking at the table below:

Package Name Services Included
Special Occasion Wedding Photography
Sound Engineering
Photography White Or Ivory Drapery
Same Sex Marriages
Mini Weddings Hexagon Arch
Rustic Elegance
Simply Sand & Sea Party 3-5 Guests

These packages provide different options. Examples are indoor and outdoor locations, various backdrops and decorations, and the number of guests. Couples can pick from minimal to elaborate decors according to their desires.

The Photography Packages in Galveston also include more services such as silk flower arrangements and wedding announcement signs. These add an extra touch of elegance and personalization to the ceremony. Thus, couples will have lasting memories of this special day.

Free With Photography Package

The photography package offers a special free offer adding extra value. There are many features included like: professional photographs, photo editing, prints and digital copies, album creation, and additional services.

This “Free With Photography Package” offer has unique details too. Couples can choose from various photography packages tailored to their needs. These may include extra hours of coverage, engagement photo sessions, or drone footage. So, each couple gets a personalized experience and can capture their memories in a way that meets their vision.

Make your day in Galveston even more special with unforgettable moments and a touch of southern charm.

Making the Day Extra Special

Galveston offers plenty to make your elopement day extraordinary. Create an unforgettable experience with this beautiful coastal town as your backdrop.

  • Beachfront settings: Exchange vows with the sparkling Gulf of Mexico behind you. Miles of sandy shores make Galveston’s beaches a perfect setting.
  • Unique wedding venues: Select from historic mansions, charming gardens, or romantic rooftop terraces to add a personal touch.
  • Local culinary delights: Try fresh seafood, savory barbecue, and delectable desserts. Local flavors will make your special day even more memorable.
  • Attractions and activities: Explore landmarks and outdoor adventures. Extend your elopement by taking advantage of Galveston’s offerings.

Plus, Galveston’s romantic atmosphere is perfect for waterfront strolls or downtown exploration. Enjoy the stunning sunsets and gentle sea breeze as you celebrate your intimate and meaningful elopement.

After the Elopement: Celebrating and Honeymooning in Galveston

Couples that have eloped to Galveston can embrace its beauty and charm by celebrating and honeymooning there. There’s plenty of activities for newlyweds to make lasting memories.

The Strand District offers a unique blend of shops, restaurants, and galleries. Take romantic walks along the seawall or relax on one of Galveston’s beaches. If you’re seeking adventure, go fishing, boating, or horseback riding on the beach.

Indulge in the local cuisine at one of Galveston’s seafood restaurants. Visit wineries or breweries to sample local flavors.

For added romance, book a sunset cruise or private yacht charter to see the city from a different perspective. Explore nature at Moody Gardens with the Rainforest Pyramid and Aquarium Pyramid.

Galveston has unique experiences too, like ghost tours of the historic downtown area and visits to the famous Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. With its rich history and picturesque setting, Galveston is ideal for celebrating love and the start of a new journey.

Final Thoughts and Tips for a Memorable Elopement in Galveston

Galveston is perfect for a special elopement! Enjoy stunning beaches and picture-perfect landscapes. Charming atmosphere and rich history create a romantic touch. Beachfront ceremonies or intimate gatherings at historic venues – whatever you choose, it will be unique.

Planning made easier with services and vendors available. Wedding planners, photographers, bed and breakfasts, luxury resorts – all there for your perfect day.

Nautical elements add adventure – boat rides or vow exchange on sailboats. Capture the beauty of Galveston in photos – beaches, gardens, historic architecture. Make your elopement unforgettable!

Local services and vendors make it easy. Ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Take advantage of nautical touches. Capture the beauty of Galveston in photos. Create an unforgettable experience and cherish it forever.

Some Facts About Eloping In Galveston:

  • ✅ The Total Wedding Experience in Galveston offers elopement services specifically designed for small ceremonies with up to 40 guests. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The selection of wedding arches and decor at The Total Wedding Experience is the largest in Galveston and continuously expanding. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Barefoot Weddings Galveston provides various arch options and wedding packages for couples who want a beach wedding on Galveston’s Gulf Coast. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Galveston Wedding Chapel offers wedding packages ranging from $200 for a party of 2 to $900 for a party of 17-40 guests at the chapel or garden. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Photography packages at Galveston Wedding Chapel start at $200 for a party of 2 and go up to $900 for a party of 31-40 guests. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Eloping In Galveston

Can I have a beach ceremony in Galveston?

Yes, both The Total Wedding Experience and Barefoot Weddings Galveston offer beach ceremonies on Galveston’s Gulf Coast. They provide various arch options and decor packages that can be customized to create your dream beach wedding.

What services do The Total Wedding Experience offer?

The Total Wedding Experience is a comprehensive wedding and event service provider. They offer a wide range of services including beach ceremonies, elopements, vow renewals, same-sex marriages, commitment ceremonies, surprise proposals, minister/officiant services, and photography packages. They ensure that every couple has a beautiful and memorable wedding experience.

What packages does Barefoot Weddings Galveston offer for intimate weddings?

Barefoot Weddings Galveston offers packages specifically designed for small ceremonies and elopements with up to 40 guests. They have packages like SEASCAPE for parties of 3-5 guests, SHIMMERING ROMANCE for parties of 6-10 guests, and Paradise Package for parties of 11-15 guests. These packages include arches, decor, chairs, officiant services, and more.

Can I have my wedding at Galveston Wedding Chapel?

Yes, Galveston Wedding Chapel offers wedding packages and services. They have different packages depending on the size of your party. Prices range from $200 for a party of 2 (bride and groom only) to $900 for a party of 17-40 guests. They also provide additional services, such as photography and reception packages, to enhance your wedding experience.

Do I need to hire a minister/officiant for my wedding?

Both The Total Wedding Experience and Galveston Wedding Chapel provide minister/officiant services for your wedding. They have a selection of ministers to choose from and can perform ceremonies within a certain radius of their locations. Hiring a minister/officiant ensures that your wedding ceremony is conducted professionally and according to your preferences.

Can I have a wedding with more than 16 guests at Galveston Wedding Chapel?

Yes, Galveston Wedding Chapel offers wedding packages for parties of different sizes. They have packages suitable for parties of 3-5 guests, 6-10 guests, 11-15 guests, 16-30 guests, and 21-30 guests. These packages include various services and amenities to accommodate your specific guest count and create a memorable wedding celebration.