Is Tweet Spam Spam Killing Twitter?

The Spam Problem At Twitter

Have you noticed there’s an awful lot of spam on Twitter lately? Is Tweet Spam Spam Killing Twitter? Some search Twitter daily to see what’s going on in the world. I use Twitter’s search bar for hash tags with key words, or dollar signs with stock symbols. I search for the best subject matter information. Then I look up what people are saying about Hertz by typing in “$HTZ”, or Ford by typing in “$F”. When you do these types of searches, results are laden with many other $ ticker symbols # hash tags.

People who are trying to get attention flood personal tweets with secondary “spam” so they can get your eyeballs on their tweet. The problem with this tactic is there’s no related content resulting from the search string. This drives incredible frustration on my part, so I move to a traditional search engine like Google or Bing to fulfill my need for information. It doesn’t have to be this way, so we’re offering Twitter suggestions on how they can improve the user experience without sacrificing user engagement.

The Solution To Tweet Spam

How easy would it be to write a little bit of code to address such a great deal of unwanted spam? Twitter should establish policy to limit the number of associated tags to say three, which would drastically improve search results within the platform. They could also write an algorithm to suspend accounts for 24 hours for excessive use of tags. This would make the platform much more friendly when using their search function. I can’t imagine any pure-play Twitter user not appreciating this enhancement within Twitter’s search function. At the least, it would provide users with answers to the questions they hope to obtain from their Twitter searches.

Why Getting Rid Of Spam Is So Important To Twitter Users

Today’s Twitter users (in many cases) use Twitter as a news source. They perform their news searches within Twitter’s search box and expect to see relevant results from their search string. If users are presented with spam, instead of relevant results, they will most likely move elsewhere to find the information they need. I know because I’ve done it hundred of times and move off the platform to find what I’m looking for. This is why it’s so important for Twitter to reduce or eliminate user-generated spam on its site. Spam is making Twitter irrelevant and may soon destroy the company.

What You Can Do To Eliminate Spam In Your Feed

The first thing I do is “mute” or “block” the perpetrators of spam. I’m sure there are new and better ways of reducing spam-filled content, but I find muting Twitter users to be the most effective. The reason I mute these individuals is because they may be following me. Nobody really wants to be un-followed, so rather than using the block function, I simply mute them. To my knowledge, this means I won’t see their content, but they won’t know that I’m necessarily blocking their feeds either.