“MOTHER TEXAS” – The Quintessential Texas Poem

MOTHER TEXAS is the Quintessential Texas Poem. This LONE STAR STATE poem was written by a daughter of Texas whose loyalty lies deep in the heart of Texas. Hopefully the Society of Poets of Texas would love to publish the poem by Nelda (Stanley) Blanchard. I would love to see it on a Texas statue or at least read in classrooms. What Texas pride it inspires! This Texas Poem should be read at Texas Funerals or Texas Weddings.

In rawboned stature
Mother Texas stands
With reins of honour
In her hands.
No crown atop her regal head
But flowing hair and wings 
Free in spirit
Breathing deep
In surety her children keep.
With loving eyes
Attentive ears,
She safeguards the vows of 
Her pioneers.
Her firstborn sons were 
Strong bold men,
When fighting, only fought 
To win.
Who spread the hems of her 
Garments afar,
And claimed her the title of
Their loyalty seemed deeper
Than mere duty,
They loved her as they 
Strived amid her beauty.
At times a child will 
Plead to roam,
And leave their hearts with 
Her back home.
And when true children greet
Eternal rest,
They return to lie beneath 
Her breasts.