Succession’s Logan Roy is dead. Fans are calling for an Emmy

HBO MAX’s hit series Succession is left in shock after patriarch Roy Logan’s death. Find out what this unexpected loss means for the remaining episodes of season four including tension between siblings, the attempt to protect Logan’s legacy, and new conflicts arising from those seeking power within Waystar Royco.

HBO MAX series Succession has been captivating audiences since its season three debut. As the show progresses, each episode becomes more explosive, and even more so in the episode of season four, “Connor’s Wedding,” where viewers were shocked to witness the unexpected death of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox). With all remaining family members left to grapple with their loss and come to terms with his sudden passing, fans may be wondering what’s next for the last few episodes of this season.

The Death of Logan Roy:

In the latest episode, titled “Blood Sacrifice,” viewers were shocked to learn that Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox), the patriarch of the family, had died. The episode was a tense and emotional rollercoaster, as family members gathered to say their goodbyes and begin to plot their next moves.

Previous Seasons

The first three seasons of Succession have been a rollercoaster ride of family drama, corporate scheming, and razor-sharp wit. Viewers have watched as the Roy family navigated hostile takeovers, media scandals, and personal betrayals, all while trying to maintain their stranglehold on Waystar Royco.

The Roy family is sure to be in a state of shock, with Kendall (Jeremy Strong) now assuming the role of acting CEO. Unfinished business between Logan and his children will be explored as they attempt to make sense of his death and continue moving forward with the company. While Logan’s children grieve collectively elsewhere on the boat during “Connor’s Wedding”, Shiv (Sarah Snook) is already beginning her journey toward self-forgiveness in accepting her husband Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) back into her life – a reunion that was nearly cut short by Logan himself prior to his tragic death.

The Aftermath:

With only a few episodes left in the series, fans are eagerly awaiting what will happen next. The death of Logan has left a power vacuum at Waystar Royco, and the family members are all scrambling to claim the throne. Some are looking to take over the company themselves, while others are trying to broker alliances with their siblings or even outsiders.

Viewers should expect more tension between siblings as Kendall attempts to take control as acting CEO for Waystar Royco such as when Kendall locked horns with Roman (Kieran Culkin) over how best to protect their father’s legacy after Logan’s passing. Even if it means going against their own father’s ideals. Through these last few episodes we are bound to see old tensions resurface alongside new ones sparked from those attempting to fill Logan’s role as head of Waystar Royco – especially between Kendall and Roman– while keeping an eye on any possible person or group who may try and go against him or attempt a company takeover in such vulnerable times at Waystar Royco.

What to Expect:

As the series heads into its final stretch, viewers can expect even more backstabbing, betrayal, and unexpected twists. Succession has always been known for its sharp writing and fantastic performances, and it seems likely that the show will continue to deliver on those fronts. One thing is for sure: the battle for Waystar Royco is far from over.

Given Succession’s ending cliffhanger of Connor marrying off the Feritti family fortune in an attempt to avoid an impending hostile takeover while trying appease multiple families within Waystar Royco – making alleys that could potentially have materialised had Logan still been alive – upcoming episodes will show us whether he was successful or not in protecting his beloved empire from potential predators all while ultimately attempting lack at keeping it within his family’s hands – A feat easier said than done for any aspiring successor looking for ultimate power within Waystar Royco following its current patriarch’s untimely demise.

The award-winning HBO Max series, has been one of the most anticipated television shows in recent years. This dramatic and often humorous show, created by Jesse Armstrong, follows the Roy family, the owners of a massive media conglomerate, as they jockey for power and influence.

SUCCESSION fans are calling for Emmy Awards