Top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield with no experience

Regardless of prior experience, there are still plenty of job opportunities in the oilfield. From entry-level field service positions to skilled engineering positions, aspiring oilfield professionals can find employment in many rewarding roles. Learn more about five jobs that don’t require prior experience and how to make the most of your opportunity in the oilfield. Get one of these top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield with no experience. A recruiter can help you.

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Roustabout is a typical oilfield job that requires no experience

Roustabout jobs in the oilfield typically involve manual labor such as digging trenches, cleaning up production sites, and transporting materials. These are important jobs that require physical strength and stamina—no prior experience is necessary, but employers do prefer applicants who may have completed some general safety training or rust prevention courses. Roustabouts are also frequently trained on-the-job by more experienced workers to understand the nature of their daily responsibilities.

Oftentimes, roustabouts will be asked to travel to different sites and locations in order to perform manual labor tasks or assist with larger operations. This might include assisting with basic activities such as helping to unload supplies or materials from a truck, maintaining cleanliness at the job site, removing rubbish, and digging trenches around pipes or other materials that need to be laid down. Roustabouts are also regularly called upon to make repairs on company vehicles, machines, equipment, and tools as needed. Safety awareness and training is a must for this type of job in order to protect workers and maintain order at the site.

While experience in the oilfield isn’t required for a roustabout position, success in the role will critically depend on work ethics and reliability. Being able to work with minimal supervision as part of a team is also key. Roustabouts are expected to take direction from senior members of the team and follow safety protocols at all times. Furthermore, those with mechanical skills or experience may be given more complex tasks to complete during their shift.

Because roustabout jobs in the oilfield have relatively low barriers to entry, this is a great way for someone with no experience to get started in the industry. While there will be an initial learning curve for new hires, hard work and dedication to safety protocols can open up additional opportunities as experience is gained. Employers may provide additional on-the-job training, which could lead to more responsibility and potentially even promotions. Those with an interest in gaining knowledge about specific topics related to oil and gas exploration and extraction may even find themselves taking part in specialized training done by drilling or production teams.  Ultimately, a successful roustabout career can provide consistent work and excellent pay that requires few qualifications or prior experience.

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Floorhand is another of the top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield with no experience

Floorhand is another term for entry-level roustabout positions and involves tasks such as pipe cleaning, equipment maintenance, and rig operations. No prior experience is necessary to qualify for these roles; however, employers may look favorably upon applicants who demonstrate some knowledge of the oilfield industry. Successful floorhands should be reliable, hardworking, and willing to take on responsibility.

Although formal qualifications and certifications may not be necessary, safety training is critical. Potential employees must be willing to study and pass company-approved safety exams to ensure they are aware of all the risks involved with oilfield work. Beyond that, employers typically conduct interviews to assess an individual’s problem-solving skills, communication style, and knowledge of the industry. Floorhands should strive to demonstrate a strong work ethic, professional demeanor, and an eagerness for a career in the oilfield. With the right attitude and commitment, you can be successful in this highly rewarding and rapidly growing field.

The floorhand position involves operating and maintaining various pieces of equipment on the drilling floor, such as pumps and engines. As a floorhand, you will also be responsible for performing general maintenance, checking tools and supplies to make sure they are running up to standards, and negotiating hazardous terrain or weather conditions. For this job, physical strength and agility are important as you may have to lift heavy items or move quickly when needed.

As a floorhand, you must also be able to follow instructions and cooperate well with other crew members. You should also be physically fit and possess excellent communication skills. The most important skill required to work in the oilfield is safety consciousness; all personnel must maintain safe practices when operating machinery, handling materials and engaging in work related tasks. An understanding of maintenance procedures, basic mechanics, and engineering fundamentals is usually beneficial as well. With a dedication to working hard and gaining the right qualifications, floorhands can soon progress into more responsible positions such as assistant drillers or operators within the oilfield.


Motorhands are mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the mechanical engines in the oil rigs. Common activities include checking gauges, performing routine system tests, and calibrating equipment as needed. A motorhand is one of the top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield requiring no experience. While no prior experience is required, it would be beneficial to have a basic understanding of various motors. An aptitude for diagnosing mechanical issues and problem solving will put you ahead of the competition!

Aside from the previous benefits, oilfield motorhands perform repairs and general upkeep of mechanical systems in the rigs. This involves troubleshooting, replacement of components, and updating engine software. Operating machines safely with accuracy is important when performing any type of maintenance or repair. Motorhand duties also involve organizing parts within the rig and documenting any changes made to the system. Knowing basic lubrication and oil control procedures will be very beneficial for this job.  With no prior experience required, entry-level motorhands are asked to blend well into a crew and demonstrate knowledge of various engines quickly.

Becoming a motorhand is a great way to gain valuable experience as well as build connections in the industry. Motorhands also get the opportunity to learn many different kinds of engines and other types of machinery, giving them strong technical skills they can use in any job. Working in the oilfield may require long hours, so it’s important for individuals to be able to work well with little supervision. Strong knowledge of mechanical systems, computer systems, and safety procedures will ensure your success.


Derrickhands play a fundamental role in all oil and gas drilling operations. Their primary task is to help with the assembly and monitoring of the rig’s derrick – the largest structure aboveground. No prior experience is necessary, but it helps to have an understanding of basic mechanical principles. This position requires strength, agility, and knowledge of safety regulations as well as problem-solving skills.

The derrickhand’s job responsibilities include attaching the drill pipe and casing, adding drill collars, checking the weight indicator to ensure that the drill string is in balance, add/remove mud as necessary, preparing buckets and pipes for transportation on/off the rig floor, lubricate moving parts/conduct inspections to detect problems or malfunctions, , operate hoisting equipment when needed, help identify mud problems or experience with drilling equipment issues and relay information to driller or supervisor. This position involves working outdoors year-round so candidates should be comfortable with extreme weather conditions. Work hours are long and tedious but those who posses a strong work ethic will find success in this role.

A Derrichand is a favorite of the top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield that requires no experience. Derrickhands are responsible for assisting oilfield drillers in operating the derrick. This role is an entry-level position, so no previous experience is required. To be a successful derrickhand, you need to possess good physical conditioning and the ability to work safely in a high risk environment with hazardous materials. Other key qualifications include excellent interpersonal and communication skills and a strong aptitude for troubleshooting mechanical problems. It helps to have basic knowledge of how pumps, engines, wires, motors and other equipment operate. Derbyhands should also be familiar with safety procedures on oil rigs as having good technical knowledge to ensure safety protocols are met is essential for success.

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Tankermans are the highly skilled workers that make sure the crude oil, chemicals or other liquids on a drilling platform remain in a steady state for safe storage. They are responsible for monitoring the tanks’ levels and pressures and regulate the flow from one tank to another. Additionally, they are also responsible for loading, unloading, inspecting and repairing tanks. No prior experience is required but some employers prefer Tankerman with prior work experience, especially in safety or chemical operations.

While no prior experience is required, employers typically prefer Tankerman with at least some knowledge of safety and operations. Certification by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) is also an advantage when applying for this job. While still on-the-job training is available, applicants are expected to attend a certain number of hours of approved Maritime Training course work where they will learn different topics like confined space entry, fire extinguishers, basic first aid and hazardous waste management among others. Additionally, the U. S. Coast Guard prescribes regular testing to be able to renew or keep their Tankerman certification active.

A Tankerman role is one of the top 5 entry level jobs in the oilfield industry that requires no experience. Tankerman is an important component of any oilfield setup, as this personnel maneuvers the barges and vessels that carry the crude oil in and out. A basic understanding of the principles of navigation, wades through nautical charts and dries to read sea-charts would be a great help for any aspiring Tankerman. Additionally, they also need to have knowledge on how to use portable radios, radar systems, Global Positioning System (GPS) and other crucial equipment related to the job. Lastly, it goes without saying that experience with boats and ocean travel is essential too.

The great thing about becoming a tankerman is that one does not necessarily need any kind of certification to qualify for this job; all you need is sea-going experience and the ability to safely maneuver barges. If you have prior experience operating boats or experienced in other ways, such as working on rigs, those experiences will go a long way towards qualifying you for the job. Additionally, there are some basic training courses available too that can help one get certified without having prior oilfield knowledge or experience. That said, it’s also important to take safety seriously – most employers in this field will require Tankermen (and other personnel) to take regular refresher courses in order to keep up with updated safety protocols and practices before allowing personnel to operate vessels and equipment. In summary, there are many opportunities for inexperienced individuals to work in the oilfield by leveraging existing skills and gaining the necessary training.

You can get a job in the oil industry without experience

If you are interested in working in the oilfield and have no experience, there are certain roles that may still be available to you. These may include entry-level positions such as general laborers, janitorial staff, truck drivers, and warehouse technicians. To help find jobs suitable for those without prior experience in the oilfield, consider searching for related roles online or reaching out to recruitment companies.

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 Working in the oilfield does not always require experience, although depending on the position, it may be preferred. There are a number of entry-level jobs available in this sector, ranging from oil and gas truck driving to environmental engineering.

 Those looking for jobs in the oilfield with no experience can consider starting out as a roustabout or rig hand. These positions require physical strength, as well as an understanding of energy production and safety protocols. Though these roles are often challenging and potentially hazardous, they offer good pay rates and the chance to gain valuable industry experience.

 People with no experience in the oilfield can still find work related to it. Fields such as welding, machining, and electricity can be great options for those needing a job. Drilling activity areas are always looking for these trades workers and offer employment even without prior oilfield experience.
 People looking to enter the oilfield without prior experience can consider jobs as truck drivers, hot shots, or other service roles. There are also positions available on offshore rigs such as cooks, clerks, and electrical instrument technicians. These jobs offer competitive pay, but it is important to note that they require living and working remotely on the rig for 12-hour days for two or four week stints followed by a week or two of off time.

 Oilfield jobs offer a variety of positions for people who have no prior experience in the industry. There are entry-level positions, such as driver or equipment operator, or you can take your chances on other roles, like janitorial service or food preparation. Certain qualifications are needed, like mechanical aptitude and basic knowledge of oil field operations. You can also get specialized training from a trade school and learn the skills necessary for working in the oilfield.

A good place to start is the pipeline and compressor sector

If you’re looking to work in the oilfield with no experience, a good place to start is the pipeline and compressor sector. As one of the more stable jobs available in the industry, this position entails getting oil and gas from the well head to the refinery. While no special qualifications are needed for this role, it is advantageous to have basic technical skills so that you can safely transport and store highly combustible materials.
 The oilfield industry offers many job opportunities for those with no experience. Roles such as floorman, roughneck, roustabout and caterpillar operator don’t require any prior experience and provide on-the-job training. These positions are often associated with exploration and drilling of new wells on land, which sees the biggest swings due to companies being more likely to drill and develop when prices suit the investment.
 Working in the oilfield does not require any prior experience and can be a great opportunity for job seekers. Though this sort of work involves long days and physical labor, it also offers competitive salaries and the chance to explore new fields with advances in technology, allowing us to access Oil from places we never thought possible just fifteen or twenty years ago.


If you are looking to start a career in the oilfield industry, there are many entry level jobs available that don’t require prior experience or a college degree. With 435 Entry Level Oil Field jobs available on and 66 entry level positions – oilfield jobs available in Texas, there is no shortage of opportunities for those with only a high school diploma. Many of these positions offer competitive salaries ranging from $52k-$91k and more and provide an exciting, fast-paced environment.

So if you’re looking to jumpstart your career in the oilfield industry, don’t hesitate to call a recruiter today and apply for one of these entry level positions! Great places to start or with the recruiters in the link below, Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor and Rigzone.

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