Five Top Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized Children’s Book with Names

If you have never owned or heard of a personalized children’s book, you are going to learn everything you need to know, including the top 5 top personalized children’s books available in the market. So let us dive right in and find out what makes these books so special.

What is a Personalized Children’s Book

Personalized children’s books are a fun way to teach your kids while entertaining them. These books allow you to turn your kid into the main character of the book. 

Most books even allow you to add your child’s name and even personalize the appearance resembling the main character. You can get a personalized children’s book with a feature to add actual photos of your child or family in the story. The personalized stories boosts children’s self esteem and courage and manages anxieties because they have seen themselves overcome obstacles in the book already.

You can add special dedication notes within the book and make it a memorable keepsake. The benefits of these books include building your child’s self-esteem, sparking their imagination and creativity, and developing their long-lasting love for reading. 

The best part is that these are one-of-a-kind books, and there is a wide range of styles you can choose from.

Top 5 Personalized Children’s Books

Here are five of the best personalized children’s books that you can buy as a gift for a young one in the family. 

1. I See Me!

Goodnight Little Me Personalized Book

My Little Book of Blessings Personalized Book

Birthday Gift for Girls, Self Esteem Book for Girls, Personalized Children’s Book

My Very Own Trucks Personalized Book

If you are looking for a personalized children’s book that is a storybook as well as a coloring book, then I See Me! is a perfect gift for your kid. The book comes in many versions with all types of occasions and interests. They even offer studier board books suitable for babies. 

You choose from a wide range of themes, including bedtime, dancing, trucks, superheroes, religious stories, and more. You will even get to find some characters from the Disney and Marvel franchise. If you want to give this book as a gift on a special occasion, a version is available for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Birthdays. 

I See Me offers various personalization options such as child’s name, appearance, family members’ name, pictures and dedication note, etc. However, these options may vary based on the book you select. 

Once you are happy with the customization you made, it is time to preview the final book before placing the order. 

2. The Book of Everyone

This one comes with two versions that you can personalize as per your child’s interest. The first version of The Book of Everyone is for all ages and consists of interesting facts. Plus, it will have original illustrations based on your child’s birthday. 

You can even customize the book with the kid’s name, gender, date of birth, age, and who gave the book as a gift. The Book of Everyone even comes with a decent selection of 9 colors. Once you provide them with all the details, the book publishers will send you a free preview of your personalized children’s book. 

The second version is more specific to young children, and it is known as “Wise(ish) Words for Kids.” The book is full of meaningful and wise words of advice for your child. You can pick from one of the three editions dictating distinctive illustrations and designs. 

You will be able to choose from graphics, collages, or graffiti. You can add a special dedication note and even write your own piece of advice. 

3. Wonderbly

Wonderbly has a website that offers a full range of different personalized children’s books. You can sort these books based on your kid’s age. This is to ensure that you are buying the right book for your child. You will even be able to choose from a wide selection of themes. These include school, friendship, bedtime, and more. 

There are special occasions personalized books for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. In order to personalize your book, you will have to add the name of your kid and other family members. Pick a character you want to represent your kid, and then add a personalized dedication note. You can even choose from a range of colors for the main cover of the book. 

There are six options available for each gender when it comes to selecting the avatar of your child. Each of the characters has a different skin tone, hair color, and hairstyle. You can either order this book in a softcover or hardcover bound with thick yet kid-friendly pages. You will be able to preview the personalized book online prior to placing your order. 

4. Shutterfly

If you are looking for a truly versatile personalized children’s book, Shutterfly is it. This customizable book for kids comes in an impressive variety of 30 different books. The themes include a travel tour, religious subjects, a zoo trip, and many more. 

You can even buy special editions for popular holiday seasons and events. From Halloween to Christmas and birthday to the first day of school, there is a personalized version of Shutterfly that your young one will love.  

If your child is a fan of cartoon characters, the book even has some of the most famous characters, such as Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, and Sesame Street. Just like other books, you can even add your child’s name, skin tone, gender, hair cut and color, and eye color, shape, and size. 

You can even add specific details such as their favorite food and school’s name. You can preview all the customizations in real-time as you make them. You can add personal photos and write a dedication note. Some of the Shutterfly books even allow you to add your child’s photo as the main character’s face. 

Personalized Children’s Book with Names

5. SmartStory

SmartStory is a customizable children’s book known as Jungle Mystery, and it is suitable for toddlers to 8-years old kids. This book is perfect because it will allow you to create a customized avatar and make the main character of the story look like your child. 

You will also be able to personalize it using your kid’s name, gender, haircut and color, skin tone, eye color and shape. You can also add freckles and glasses to the avatar. However, an avatar is not the only unique feature; you can also add actual pictures of your child and family members. 

These pictures will appear throughout the story in the book, adding another layer of fun and personalization. You have an option to add a picture of grandparents, parents, and siblings. Plus, you can even add a full family photo as well. 

You will have the option to write your personalized dedication on the very first page of the book. Once you have added all of the features, you can preview a customized book telling a personalized story. 

Final Thought

A personalized children’s book is a unique and wonderful gift that a young one is going to love and cherish for many years to come. These personal storybooks will help them grow in confidence, develop imagination and ignite their creativity. 

It’s Fancy to Be Scarlett!

However, do not forget to preview your book before placing an order. Apart from that, personalization of your own version is fairly easy.  So, what are you waiting for? The dedication pages above were personal gifts ordered by @Tex.Org from I SEE ME! Now that you have the roundup of the best personalized children’s books available out there, go and get one for your beloved kid now.