Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2023: Do this before getting arrested in February and March

Texas Warrant Roundup is also known as The Great Texas Warrant Roundup. It’s that time of year again, and not the warm holiday fuzzies, no not at all. We are approaching the Texas Warrant Roundup season… “What is that”? One may ask. Allow me to explain. The Texas Warrant Roundup is a period in which Marshals and local law enforcement agencies in Texas collaborate to address any and all individuals with outstanding warrants.

Avoiding arrest during the Texas Great Warrant Roundup in 2023 begins with understanding the process. The first step is to search for any outstanding warrants that may be issued in your name. This can be done through various online resources as well as by contacting local law enforcement.

If you have an outstanding warrant, it’s important to pay fines and penalties associated with the warrant before the roundup begins. Paying these fees can help keep you out of jail, but if you are unable to make full payment at once, speak with a judge about arranging a payment plan. In some cases, work release programs are available for those who are unable to pay all or part of their fines and fees associated with the warrant.

When is the Great Texas Warrant Round up in 2023?

Texas Warrant Roundup begins in February and continues to the end of March. It takes on average 3 to 5 days to clear your fines through DPS. What does this mean for you?

Have you ever been driving your regular daily routes, and it seems as though there are more than average numbers of police vehicles surveying your local area, some event marked in a unique label? Often, you may feel an eerie questionable feeling such as “maybe they’re in town for court, or an inmate transference?” Well, it is highly likely for this to occur within the February March time of the year.

Traffic Ticket Warrants – Should you pay the court directly before the Great Warrant Roundup of 2023 in Texas?

You should be aware that if you have unpaid traffic tickets, they may have been turned into warrants for your arrest during the Great Warrant Roundup of Texas in 2023. Did you know that courts in Texas and multiple law enforcement agencies work together to arrest thousands (at least 100,000) of Texans with a misdemeanor warrant for a traffic ticket. As stated previously, it doesn’t matter where you are. You could be standing in the church choir belting out “How Great Thou Art” and get arrested.

By now, you may have received notification by mail or phone requesting payment. But did you know that if you pay the fine it may not be the best thing you could do? Think about hiring a traffic ticket and warrant lawyer. You could wind up with a conviction on your record by paying your fine.

By paying the court directly, your ticket will go on your driving record as a conviction which may prolong the suspension of your license.

How Traffic Ticket and Warrant Lawyers can help with the Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Traffic Ticket and Warrant Lawyers can remove your traffic warrants. Did you know that they can post what is called an attorney bond and remove your warrants in Texas? Traffic Ticket Lawyers can get a plea bargain for your to get tickets off your record. If you driver’s license is suspended for failure to appear, a traffic ticket lawyer can get your tickets and warrants dismissed. When that happens, ultimately the suspension is gone. The least of which a traffic ticket attorney can do is get your fines and court costs lowered. The great news is that a traffic ticket and warrant attorney can go to court for you.

My Traffic Tickets” boasts the most experienced traffic warrant lawyers. When you contact them, all you have to do is give them your traffic information. They will give you a free quote. You can then hire them to do the tedious work for you.

The Great Texas Warrant Round Up 2023
Arrest and Search Warrants in Texas
Texas Warrant Roundup

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It is no coincidence, and you should take caution during this time. This is known as the Texas Warrant Roundup, in which over three-hundred law enforcement agencies participate in a sweep for unpaid warrants, fines & fees. This is especially important for anyone with unpaid arrests, fines and tickets for prior arrests.

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Ahem attention spring breakers in Texas!

Spring Breakers in Texas Warrant Roundup

Another demographic that should take caution, is the younger, college crowd: Ahem, attention spring breakers! While this time of year may not be the target audience if you have a clean record, there are many agencies collaborating toward enforcing policies, including popular areas such as Port Aransas, South Padre Island, Galveston and more beach town cities popular for underage drinking. This is an especially important time to take caution. Yes, even spring break
is cut short by a trip to the county jail.

For the average Texas resident, you can avoid an unnecessary arrest by searching Texas warrant search and arrest records in Texas for free.

Here’s what You Should Know about Texas Warrant Roundup –

Texas allows citizens to address prior debts without fines and penalties before Warrant Roundup Begins

The state of Texas allows for a grace period before the Warrant Roundup commences. Any citizen of Texas may address prior debts, along with paying necessary fines without penalty. However, once the roundup begins you may be arrested at any time. This includes your home, office or school institutions. It is not advised to hide from the police. They are equipped with scanning devices to easily check plates and find out if you’re on the warrant list.

Here are the fast five facts that you need to know about the statewide Texas Warrant Round up:

Warrant round up in Texas

1. Individuals who show up in person to take care of an outstanding warrant, cannot be arrested within the jurisdiction in which the warrant is issued.

2. However, if you have multiple outstanding warrants existing in various counties, the safe guard protection does not apply. There’s a possibility you will be arrested.

3. Even those who cannot afford to pay their fines in their entirety are advised to show up in person anyways. Oftentimes, options such as community service are available.

4. On average, fines take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to clear through DPS, so be sure to absolve your fines and fees, well in advance.

5. It is important to remember to check any other outstanding warrants within a state before heading to your local municipal courthouse office. For example, if you are paying a traffic fine and you also have an armed robbery charge in Harris County, you cannot be arrested in person while paying for the traffic ticket. However, you are not protected for the armed
robbery in Harris County.


It is important to know your rights and prepare accordingly for the Texas Warrant Roundup before it’s too late. Ensure that your record is sparkling clean by the end of January, according to professionals.

When is too late? Well, if you’re not early, you’re late is the best policy here, especially when it could interfere with your day-to-day life. Calling into work from the county jail is not a fun conversation for anyone involved!

Now, get to the courthouse now and prepare for wait times. To do so, bring an entertaining podcast or playlist for your entertainment, along with some AirPods or headphones of your choice to maintain your peace.

Here are some fun recommendations for anyone stuck in the county lines!

The Monday Morning Podcast is a comedy podcast and cheeky humor for all. 18 and up recommended.

The Toast Podcast is great for any and all ages. It typically covers daily news and pop culture in addition to humor and a good laugh.

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