Greg – you will win BIG! Trump endorses Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Greg – You will win BIG! President Trump sends love to Republican Governor Greg Abbott today with a YUGE endorsement. “Job Creating Machine”! Trump sounds off “Greg – you will win BIG!”. President Trump, aka “THE KINGMAKER” publicly and soundly endorses the current Republican Texan governor Greg Abbott.

In a handwritten note to the Texas Governor, President Trump assures Texans, ALL TEXANS, the Governor will not let the people down. He further stated the governor turned Texas into a “job creating machine. If you don’t believe that, ask Elon Musk who moved his business from California to Texas. The number one beneficiary of the manufacturing and other jobs in Texas created by the governor and President Trump’s administration was reportedly the hispanic female.

The governor has Republican competition from State Senator Don Huffines of Dallas, Texas. Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is considering a run and was reportedly profoundly disappointed the endorsement did not swing his way. He worked reportedly close to the President during his term. It is reported that GOP Chair Allen West is wanting to get into the cage match. We’ll see!