Lance Armstrong “Cancels” Austin PD Contract

In unprecedented fashion, Lance Armstrong (owner of Mellow Johnny’s, a local bike shop in Austin) has decided to end a long-term contract with the Austin Police Department (APD). The contract was suspended four years early based on what seems to be partisan politics. The move was announced by APD’s Christopher Carlisle last week who said APD has enjoyed a long relationship with Mellow Johnny’s and never had any problems with the staff. The contract included delivery of approximately 40 Trek bikes per year at an estimated total contract value of $314,000 dollars.

Mellow Johnny’s On Twitter

In a tweet on August 5th, 2020, Mellow Johnny’s put out the following statement:

The response from Twitter wasn’t good. From the looks of it, most Austin cycling enthusiasts are outraged. @GCofeve said “What If Austin Police today announce they will No Longer Investigate Any Theft Of, Wreck Involving, or Calls For Help From Any #MellowJohnnie Employer, Family Member, Extended Family, or ANY Bike Sold Or Serviced By MJ’s’.” @CoreyHill14 said “Saying you support police and expect them to protect you then in the next breath saying you won’t service them or sell to them may be the most selfish thing I have ever seen in my life.” @@bigring52 said “Wow! Moved downtown and have been coming to your shop for 10 years. I also worked the Peloton Project, and the Ride for the Roses. Given a lot to the LAF. Spent a bunch of money in your shop. But looks like Bicycle Sport Shop is getting my business. Adios.”

The near-term outlook for Mellow Johnny’s doesn’t look good. In fact, many cycle enthusiasts are calling for an all out boycott on the shop. Of course, I don’t wish bad things for any business owner; however, mixing politics with business is never a good idea in my opinion. Who, in a million years, would have thought Lance Armstrong “Cancels” Austin PD Contract? #SignoftheTimes.