Take care of water heater problems without a plumber’s help

Everyone should know how to take care of water heater problems without a plumber’s help. Water heaters need repair when the heater does not produce enough hot water or when the heater cannot produce the sufficient heat. Sometimes, the water heater repair is needed when there is any noise, leakages and current short circuit.

Water Heater Leaks

Tankless heater repair:

The tankless water heater repair can be done easily and it will be less expensive. The method for tankless heater repair is 

  • First turn off the power
  • Open the faucet and drain the heater
  • Remove the wires and old element
  • Replace the wires and turn on the supply
  • Dry the control board and heat the water

The tankless heater repair can be easily done without the help of others.

Leaking from bottom:

When there is a water heater leaking from bottom, the following methods are to be followed

Tankless Water Heater
  • First make sure that the inner tank is leaking or not
  • Then check whether the water is getting warm or not
  • If the water is not getting heated, then the leakage is at the inner tank or through water heater leaking from bottom
  • There is a valve which is used to clean the heater. If there is a block, damage or not properly closed, then it can be considered as a water heater leaking from bottom. The valve should be cleaned properly and reinstated. 
  • After all the errands and still the heater leaks, contact some heater specialists like Home Advisor to repair it.

In most cases, the water heater leaking from bottom can be identified easily without the plumber’s help.

Leaking from top:

Water Heater Leaking from Top

While there is any leak at the top of the heater, you can follow these simple instructions to make the repair. 

  • At the top of the heater, there are 3 connections. Among them, there is an inlet for the intake of cold water, which also has the valves. That should be checked.
  • Sometimes there will be a loose fitting,
  • There may be a hole in the valve, which should be corrected only by a plumber
  • The pressure inside the heater should be adjusted 

The water heater leaking from top can be quickly stopped by closing the cold water inlet valve.

Steps to repair water heater:

The water heater can malfunction at any time. Some informational guides to water heater repair without the plumber are:

  • First check whether the water heater is on or not. Better move the knob to off condition to prevent any damage.
  • Check whether the circuit breaker is on or not. If the fuse has broken down, it can be changed with a new fuse.
  • If the circuit breaker continuously gives problems, call a good plumber.
  • The circuit of the water heater should not be shared by other electric and electronic equipments. That is because it consumes more power when heating the water.
  • Check whether the cutoff temperature of the heater is high or not. If you are having any doubt, hit the reset the button.
  • If you didn’t hear any click sound or any power supply, you have to make a call to the plumber nearby.
Check the Circuit Breaker
  • If any water remains in the compartment means, it causes malfunction in the water heater.
  • The water heater leaking from top or the water heater leaking from bottom means there is a need for check in there. Please stick to the errands mentioned above.
  • Read the water heater manual clearly.
  • There may be a problem with the heating elements.
  • Some of the water heater repair parts are: 
  • Anode Rod
  • Heater Element
  • Temperature Relief
  • Pressure Relief
  • Installation Kit
  • Electric Thermostat

How to maintain the water heater well:

Some tips for the proper maintenance of the water heater are :

  • Remove the papers and the dust that are accumulated in the enclosure of the heater.
  • Before the inflammable things used, you have to turn off the pivot light.
  • Never take the combustibles near the water heater.
  • Check the condition of the water heater at least twice a year.
  • If the usual checkups are not done, then the pressure relieving valve may explode.
  • The place of the pressure valve may vary from heater to heater. To know it, you have to check the manual guide.
  • The electricity passed should be shut, when it is not used.
  • When you don’t use the water heater, stop the supply of cold water to the water heater.
  • You have to place buckets under the heater’s pressure relieving place in order to get the water.
  • Move the valve of the trip lever to identify whether any air is rushing inside or not. The vapor existing can also be identified by this.
  • Turn off the cold water pipe before going to get hot water or open its handle.

Why it is water heater maintenance important?

Some water heaters are so reliable and work for decades, due to its simple task and good design. But when the trouble starts, the heater will give you inadequate hot water supply.

The color of the water changes due to the rust present inside and also the rotten smell will come. Sometimes, a popping sound will rise and the heater fails.

How to take care of water heater problems without a plumber’s help is always is a common bond in the human experience. Why does it always happen to you? How many times did the hot water heater flood your neighbors house? That reminds me. Get a shop vac. And, if you ultimately do need a plumber, check Angies List.

What is the typical cost of water heater and installation?

LOWES and Home Depot are comparable in water heater installation prices.

Rheem $400 – $2,300
AO Smith $400 – $3,500
Bradford White$400 – $3,000
Kenmore$350 – $1,000
Whirlpool$350 – $1,500
Lowes Installation Prices