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The Best Hotels In Downtown San Antonio

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As the 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest in the US, San Antonio has much to offer for tourists and businessmen alike. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and this is reflected by the amount of people that come and visit San Antonio every year. Annually, San Antonio is visited by over 28.1 visitors for its cultural landmarks, top-notch restaurants and amusement parks.  San Antonio is also the location of excellent hotels. When you are looking for a hotel, it is best to find one in downtown San Antonio as that is where most of the tourist attractions are easily reachable from by public transportation. Originally, we wanted to present you with the top 5 hotels in downtown San Antonio. While the Valencia Hotel, the Omni Hotel and the hotel Malta would definitely belong in such a top 5 of top hotels spot, we feel that there are many hotels near the River Walk that are also great places for visitors to stay.  Downtown Hotel Rankings

Mokara hotel in San Antonio


The Valencia Hotel in San Antonio is known for its luxury and prime location in downtown San Antonio. The hotel itself is a combination where classic meets hip meeting all high standards for any luxurious hotel. The Valencia Hotel is one of the hotels that is located near the vibrant River Walk. The River Walk is known to be one of the most exciting places of San Antonio and offers a variety of shopping and entertainment choices. Going to the cinema is also an experience you should definitely try, as the The Alamo Drafthouse cinema is only a few blocks away.

Valencia in downtown area of san antonio

The Omni Hotel in San Antonio is another famous luxurious hotel.  Rising 19 stories into the air, the hotel is one of the most prominent buildings in downtown San Antonio. While offering ample space for guests to stay, the hotel has much to offer. Live piano music is played in the Lobby Bar, there are pools, luxurious suites that are all decorated with a sense of class and style. In addition, the hotel is near some of the most spectacular places in San Antonio such as the Alamo, Sea World and of course the enchanting River Walk.

Omni in SA

Visiting San Antonio – The Alamo City

There are three distinctively different geological terrains at the San Antonio. Hill Country with its rich cultural history, South Texas Plains, with its unique desert landscape and Prairie and Lakes, mostly known for its beautiful countryside. As a result, San Antonio lies at a prime location in Texas with plenty of options for each type of visitor.


San Antonio has a lot to offer.  Whether you like theme parks such as SeaWorld San Antonio, Morgan’s Wonderland or Six Flags Fiesta Texas or visiting the Alamo, a cultural landmark of San Antonio, there is something available for everyone.  A little random fact about the city is that  San Antonio is also home as the birthplace of the spicey stew which we all know and love as chili.  The city’s skyline is characterized by the Tower of the Americas.  This 750-foot observation tower is located in the middle of HemisFair Park and is a must-see for tourists.  The tower also has a slowly rotating restaurant at the top. The downtown area provides a very special atmosphere and is home to many cultural and entertainment venues. The cathedral of San Fernando can be found there, the oldest cathedral in the United States.

sea world san antonio

Or if you are more interested in the historic side of San Antonio, you can visit the Spanish governor’s palace or the Alamo. The Alamo is the most famous landmark of the entire city.  The Alamo, located downtown, was officially called Mission San Antonio de Valero and is the fortress compound that was at the site f the great Battle of the Alamo.  Nowadays, its home to a museum and is the biggest tourist attraction of San Antonio Another famous tourist attraction in San Antonio is the River Walk.

The River Walk is a network of walkways that are located along the San Antonio River. There are many hotels near the River Walk where tourists like to stay  and the entire walk is lined with shops, restaurants and bars. Not only a tourist attraction, it is also home to a very successful pedestrian street combining both the shortest route to a destination with a beautiful walk. Boats can be hired that go up and down the River Walk for those who don’t like walking but are only interested in the view.  San Antonio is known for its Spanish and Mexican Heritage. Each year, the city attracts 3.5 million people and 100+ events in Fiesta week which honors the memory of the battles of San Jacinto and The Alamo. During Fiesta San Antonio, the San Antonio river is the location for the River parade in which boats that are full with flowers float down the river.

river walk san antonio texas

All in all, there is plenty to say about San Antonio. Whether you are looking for a romantic walk down the River Walk or if you want to enjoy one of the hotels, restaurants or shops. Maybe you would like to visit some of the theme parks or enjoy the city for its cultural and historical history. No matter what you look for, San Antonio has got plenty to offer and is one of the United States most famous places to go to for a holiday or a city trip for good reasons.

San Antonio explodes with arts and culture, history, world-class cuisine, championship golf and opportunities for fun and romance. A cosmopolitan city, the seventh largest in the United States, San Antonio captures the independent spirit of Texas, as well as old-world charm. With more than twenty million visitors a year, San Antonio is (and always has been) a crossroads and a meeting place for Texans as well as travelers from all over the United States and the world. Below is a video that gives a glimpse into what San Antonio has to offer.


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