Texas Governor sends illegal immigrants to D.C. in bold political statement

In a bold move, centered around frustration with the Biden administration, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has sent a second busload of illegal immigrants to Washington D.C.

For months, the Governor’s calls for assistance from the Whitehouse have gone unanswered while the problem continued to worsen every day. In 2021, the Department of Homeland Security saw the largest surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border since 1960 with over 2 million illegal immigrants encountered by the border patrol.

With no help from the Biden Administration or the federal government, Abbott has decided that he will begin dropping illegal immigrants off (via chartered buses) on the doorsteps of the Whitehouse. Abbott directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to begin transporting illegal immigrants to nation’s capital, Washington D.C., with many more deliveries expected in the coming days. The most recent tranche of undocumented immigrants arrived in the capital at 4:45 A.M. this past Thursday (14 April 2022) and was met by a group of volunteers from a Catholic Charity group and the Capitol Police who directed them to Union Station for continued travel into the interior of the United States. This action put the citizens at high risk because immigrants remain un-vetted and could potentially cause harm to cities throughout the country.

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Sarcastic comments from Biden’s press secretary is not enough response

In clear violation of federal immigration law, virtually all undocumented immigrants are being allowed to remain in the United States, as asylum seekers, without ever being taken into federal custody. Border security was and will continue to be a political hot potato as long as the Democrats continue to believe that (ultimately) illegal immigration will represent future votes for the Democrat party. Texas Governor sending Illegal Immigrants to D.C.by bus to Biden’s backyard should require more action than a sarcastic comment from the press secretary.

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Most Republicans believe that immigration is necessary for the health of the nation; however, they prefer a more orderly system of “legal” immigration to ensure drug and human trafficking are taken out of the mix. In addition, Republicans believe the United States needs specific skill sets that are necessary for the health of the nation. Skills that aren’t always known with “illegal” border crossings. Former President, Donald Trump, began building a wall at the US southern border, however, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to immediately cease its construction shortly after being sworn in as the 46th President.