The NFL playoffs are upon us

The NFL playoffs are upon us. No matter what team you prefer, playoff season is a time for rejoicing with friends after the holidays and of course, enjoying some delicious football treats. At the very least, cheer for the team with the best colors, right?

For those in the great state of Texas and beyond, many will be rooting for Americas Team, the #Dallas Cowboys. After the team completed the regular NFL season with the winning record of 12-5, they booked themselves a date with the one and only, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the Florida team had an unconvincing regular season, finishing at 8-9, it is important to consider the individuals who have contributed to the teams success in the past. Players like Galveston native Mike Evans, and Tom Brady have assumed the leadership roles that NFL vets often grow into. On the flipside, the Dallas Cowboys roster consists of a younger group of players who are finding their footing in the league. It is important to acknowledge Brady’s 7-0 record against the Cowboys organization throughout the course of his career.

Cowboys defeat dumbfounded viewers

Additionally, in the January 8th game against the Washington Commanders, the Cowboys suffered a 26-6 defeat that dumbfounded viewers, including one fan who was featured multiple times throughout the live broadcast, who represented the majority of the Cowboys fan community. Washington; however, is a fellow NFC East affiliate. Many times, NFL fans consider division rivals as competitive games, given that the teams play each other twice a year. Most of the time (statistically speaking), their opponents record is not a factor.

Although Brady and the Bucs completed the regular season with a negative record, for the first time in Brady’s twenty-three year NFL career, it is important to remember that playoffs are a season of their own, and the playing field is even once again. As Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys prepare for the Tampa Bay extravaganza, Texans are simply left hoping that whatever the outcome is on “Wildcard Weekend”, they are not left disappointed once again.