Where To Attend Community College In Dallas Texas

Which community college in Dallas is right for you?

Thinking of attending a community college in Dallas? Community colleges in the United States are alternatively known as public colleges or junior colleges. A community college offers a two-year degree program as an affordable postsecondary education pathway and can lead to a four-year degree. 

Why Community College in Dallas?

Community colleges in Dallas are playing a vital role in workforce development for the local businesses and job seekers. The broader mission of community colleges is to offer academic programs and skills training. 

This prepares the students in Dallas and its vicinity to seek jobs in their desired areas of employment. You can even transfer their credits to a college or university to pursue a four-year degree. 

Other benefits of attending a community college include

  • There are increased availability of courses and options you can choose from
  • You can take courses at a far cheaper cost than attending a university
  • The supportive environment is due to fewer students per class. The teachers and staff will be able to work with you more closely than a full-scale university or college
  • A community college in Dallas is more affordable
  • There are smaller classes and more flexibility for courses
  • You can always transfer your credits to a university
  • You can pursue a job right after finishing community college. 

If you are a parent or student wondering why community college in Dallas may be a better option, the above-mentioned reasons may be convincing enough. 

Which Community College in Dallas Can You Go To? 

If you are thinking of a community college in Dallas in 2022, here are some options worth considering. 

Tarrant County

This is a community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Tarrant County College is a reputable institution that has an enrollment of over 13,000 undergraduate students. The college has an acceptance rate of 100% and offers courses in the following majors. 

  • Business and Information Science
  • Humanities
  • Liberal Arts

The alumni from this college have a good chance to secure a job and work with local employers at a decent salary. 

DuVall’s School of Cosmetology

DuVall’s School of Cosmetology is in the mid-city Dallas, Fort Worth area. The college is well-known for its warm and friendly atmosphere and exceptional customer service. According to the college’s management, they really care about each student’s success. That is one reason why the college has created an environment where each student gets an opportunity to learn.

The faculty of the college has diverse personalities with experience in different fields. As a student, you can expect to benefit from classrooms, dedicated and separate training areas for spa students and salon students. 

The college has full-time support staff in all domains, including front desk, financial aid, admissions, and administration.  

Dallas College

If you are looking for the most comprehensive community college in Dallas, Dallas College is the perfect candidate. The college has campuses throughout Dallas helping students enroll in a wide array of programs or courses in different majors. So, let us have a look at all its campuses

Brookhaven Campus

Brookhaven community college is in Farmers Branch, Dallas Forth Worth Area in Texas. There are over 1900 enrolled undergraduate students in this college. The Brookhaven campus of Dallas college has a 100% acceptance rate. The majors you can study at this campus include the following

  • Computer programming
  • Automotive mechanics
  • Humanities
  • Liberal Arts

Whether you want to work in the above-mentioned fields or pursue a university degree later, enroll at Brookhaven community college in 2022. 

Richland Campus

This Dallas community college campus is a small institution with around 4000 undergraduate enrollments with an acceptance rate of 100%. The alumni from the Richland campus tend to go forward in securing successful employment as well as pursuing future degree programs. The majors you can graduate in from this college include. 

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Liberal Arts
  • Humanities

This is one of the few colleges in Dallas that offers courses in accounting. Therefore, if you are thinking about becoming an accountant someday, the Richland campus is an institution worth looking into for enrollment in 2022. 

El Centro Campus

El Centro College In Dallas Texas
El Centro College Dallas Texas

If you wish to become a nurse and attend a community college in Dallas and looking for a college that offers a major in this area, Dallas College’s El Centro campus is the best and only community college you can go for. The college has a 100% acceptance rate with over 2000 undergraduate students. 

The other majors you can study at this community college in Dallas include Business, Liberal Arts, and Humanities. 

Mountain View Campus

Mountain View College-Dallas
Mountain View College-Dallas

Mountain View is the only community college in Dallas that offers a program with a major in Drafting and Design, i.e., CAD and CADD.  It is a small local institution with around 1900 undergraduate enrollment that offers other majors, i.e., business, Humanities, and Liberal Arts. The alumni from this college have gone forward and pursued decent professional careers. 

North Lake Campus

Dallas College has a North Lake campus that offers a specialized course in construction engineering. Therefore, if you are a student wishing to become a construction engineering technician in the future, apply at this community college in Dallas, Fort Worth area. 

After you attend a community college in Dallas you will even be able to transfer your credit to another college or university for a four-year degree program.  Some other popular programs offered to over 1700 undergraduate students include Business, Humanities, and Liberal Arts. 

Cedar Valley Campus

Cedar Valley College In Dallas Texas
Cedar Valley Dallas Texas

Cedar Valley Community College is a campus of Dallas College with a small enrollment of over 1500 undergraduates. The college has a 100% acceptance rate and offers a specialized major in Veterinary Technician and Assistant program. The alumni from this college can expect to get entry-level jobs as veterinary assistants in the local job market

Other courses include Business, Humanities, and Liberal Arts. Employers from these fields also welcome graduates from this community college in Dallas. 

Eastfield Campus

Eastfield campus is another outstanding community college in Dallas and is in Mesquite, Dallas Forth Worth area in Texas. The college has over 3000 undergraduates studying on the campus, and Eastfield offers a 100% acceptance rate. 

The college has earned its reputation to offer affordable 2-year degrees in some of the most promising majors in the county. These include the following. 

  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Liberal Arts
  • Humanities. 

You will be able to pursue a career in specialized fields of the electrical or engineering industry or become an automotive mechanic. The college can be your gateway to apply for higher studies at your dream university and enroll in their four-year undergraduate program. 


If you are a parent thinking about enrolling your son or daughter at a community college in 2022, any of these colleges can be an ideal place. They are not only affordable but also serve as the launchpad to propel your child’s career into the world of professional employment or further studies. 

All of the above-mentioned colleges have some of the best professors in the county. They offer good value by providing customized studies working more closely with the students than any private-for-profit college out there. 

All of these colleges come with a diverse culture; this allows the students to get international exposure. The idea is to enable them to work with all types of people in various settings and surroundings and  graduate with higher skills in their relevant area of study. 

Community colleges in Dallas are also very serious about the safety of students. Therefore, they offer secure academic facilities and environment to the students. However, these campuses have a lot more to offer, i.e., Student Life, so you can let the hair down when the time is right. 

Attend a community college in Dallas. Make a wise decision picking and college and Good Luck!

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