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POTUS Appoints New Fed Chair and Rolls Out Tax Bill

Yesterday, President Trump unveiled his tax plan for America. The biggest thing this plan does is lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% and reduces small business taxes to a maximum of 25%. The bill also allows for immediate expensing of investments made for equipment which will stimulate businesses everywhere to make purchases … Continue reading

Are oil prices headed back to $30?

By Johnny Bevers, Editor, With the botched OPEC deal in Doha now in the books, are oil prices headed back down to $30 or below? While it’s true that the oil glut seems to persist in its nastiness, US oil production is down month over month; and has been in a precipitous decline of … Continue reading

Natural Gas Rig Count At Lowest Level Ever!

In its most recent rig count, Baker Hughes indicated that natural gas drilling rigs in the United States had reached their lowest level in its historical record, which dates back to July of 1987.  For the report dated February 12, 2016, natural gas rigs are down to only 102 rigs.  That’s down from a high of … Continue reading

How OPEC is growing the oil market-the real truth!

What none of the analysts are talking about these days is the “demand” side of the oil market equation.  Low prices have spurred demand through very high sales in the truck and SUV markets and have taken substitute products to their lowest levels in years.  In 2014, demand for oil grew 1.2 million barrels per … Continue reading

Tex.Org Oil Price Forecast For 2015

By Johnny Bevers Where Oil Prices Are Heading In 2015 According to the IEA, aggregate demand for oil is projected to be 93.3 million barrels per day in 2015.  The simple reason that we’re enjoying much lower prices at the pump is because the global energy producers (including OPEC) are currently producing 94.1M barrels per day … Continue reading

Business Technology In A Modern World

By Joel Barnard, Contributor Improved business technology has changed the way that businesses, both large and small, conduct their operations. Modern business technology has enabled companies to operate globally in a very efficient manner, to get more from their employees, to streamline and to cut costs, to manage their inventory better, to improve efficiency and … Continue reading

FDA Approves Auryxia (Ferric Citrate) Trade Name

By Johnny Bevers Keryx scored another victory on their flagship drug (ferric citrate) by garnering approval by the FDA for the trade name “Auryxia.”  From this point forward, Keryx will market ferric citrate under the approved name, Auryxia.  Investors were somewhat concerned when the FDA disapproved the name “Zerenex” at the same time the drug … Continue reading

Will Ferric Citrate (By Keryx) Become The Drug Of Choice For CKD/Dialysis Patients?

By Johnny Bevers Ferric Citrate has numerous health benefits that help CKD patients manage serum phosphorus and iron stores Drug is approved by the FDA Helps those on dialysis avoid intravenous iron infusions lowering bundle costs for dialysis clinics Improves patient quality of life and could extend mortality Improves the economics in dialysis clinics Drug will … Continue reading

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Homeowners Insurance In Texas?

By Johnny Bevers There is no Texas law that explicitly states that you are required to have homeowners insurance on any property or dwelling. Nor is there any Texas law dictating a minimum requirement for obtaining any insurance. It is entirely up to you whether you obtain insurance for any property you own outright. However, … Continue reading

How Much Does KinderCare Cost?

By Johnny Bevers The days of a single working parent are over.  In fact, statistics show that more households have two working parents than they did just a few years ago.  With both parents at work, what about the children?  Daycare services are certainly there to meet the demand, but when it comes to paying … Continue reading

Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas

By Johnny Bevers In semi-arid areas such as Dallas, Texas, foundation repair to houses and other buildings and structures is often necessary, more so than in much of the rest of the country.  This article will look in detail at the major causes of concrete foundation problems in the Dallas area, how to prevent foundation … Continue reading

Financial Advisor Vs. Financial Planner: What’s The Difference?

By Johnny Bevers When looking for someone to advise you on how to properly manage your finances, you will almost certainly have to make a decision re: financial advisor vs. financial planner vs. investment advisor vs. financial specialist and so on.  This myriad of different terms to refer to people who perform very similar tasks … Continue reading

What Does Carl Icahn Want With Talisman Energy (TLM)?

 By Johnny Bevers Carl Icahn is one of the world’s 50 richest people.  When he invests in a company, that company often experiences what is called an Icahn bounce.  Literally, so many people follow Icahn’s investments that the share price of companies he buys, go up just because those people mimic his purchases. Icahn could … Continue reading

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) Catching On!

By Johnny Bevers To some of us it’s no surprise that natural gas vehicles are gaining popularity for their lower cost of operation.  Natural gas is typically 30 to 50% cheaper than diesel making fleet managers across America salivate at the prospect of lowering their day-to-day expenses.  As companies add new rigs to their logistics … Continue reading

The Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies For Small Business in 2014

Edited By Johnny Bevers Written by:  Gilbert Baca, New Braunfels, TX; Tex.Org Contributor Cloud computing companies exist throughout the world, literally and figuratively.  Many are public computer network companies that you see every day.  Publicly traded companies like Google and Microsoft are some of the largest providers of cloud storage in the world.  Cloud storage … Continue reading

The Top 10 Reasons People Shop At J.C. Penney

 By Johnny Bevers In the United States today, there are very few department stores that are as popular as J.C. Penney.  Today there are J.C. Penney stores in every state in the US and more are being opened every year.  With millions of dedicated customers and a growing fan base, there is no denying the … Continue reading

How Appointment Setters Can Grow Your Business

By Johnny Bevers If your company has yet to explore the benefits of professional appointment setters; you may want to consider these services and what they can offer in terms of potential business growth.  Many companies in all different industries have found that professional appointment setting services can actually help grow their business.  On a … Continue reading

How The Pyxis Machine Works And Why It’s Used

By Johnny Bevers For many that have medical background and knowledge, an introduction to the Pyxis Machine (more commonly known as the Pyxis MedStation system) may not be necessary.  But for the remainder of us that sincerely had or have not heard of it before, the following article has been constructed to give you a … Continue reading

What A CPA Firm Does And How They Can Help Your Business

Increasingly, businesses both in the real and virtual world are choosing to employ the help of a CPA Firm.  CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and it is in this area, as well as others, that a CPA Firm operates.  A CPA Firm can provide services to your business that may negate the necessity of employing … Continue reading

Can You Really Send A Text Message From A Tablet Computer?

By Johnny Bevers I never knew I could send a text message from my tablet. One day, after my phone died, I found myself needing to text my son to pick up something from the store.  He had borrowed my cell phone charger, leaving me with no way to charge my phone.  After doing a … Continue reading

American Giant Brings Manufacturing Back To The United States

By Johnny Bevers According to Fortune magazine (Jan 13, 2014), American Giant (based in San Francisco) is bringing  apparel manufacturing jobs back to the United States.  In 2011, Baird Winthrop (a former investment banker) decided to start making American-made hoodies.  By cutting out wholesalers, American giant sales directly to consumers from their website.  While labor costs … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Grand Re-opening Ideas For Your Business

By Johnny Bevers Have you recently undergone some much needed re-modeling and restoration to your business or have you just re-located? All the same, you should remedy any thoughts or concerns about customers you may have lost or those who are curious as to your next step. Why not plan a grand re-opening for your … Continue reading

How To Start Your Very Own Mobile ATM Business

By Johnny Bevers Technology has put us into an age where we can stay in the comfort of our own homes, work, play, shop and have anything we need delivered right to our residence.  If you are a person that enjoys and wants to preserve this kind of lifestyle with some passive side project and … Continue reading

Why Contractors Have To Get Bonded And Insured

By Johnny Bevers If you are getting into a contracting business, then it would be very advantageous for you to review, brush up on, or learn all that you can about being bonded and insured before you get the business ball rolling.  Your company “egg” can literally be shattered and laid to waste before it … Continue reading

Today’s Most Common Advertising Techniques To Promote Your Business

Most anyone who has solid business experience should be quick to suggest that one of the best (and common) forms of advertising – if not the best – is word of mouth.  It costs absolutely nothing and as we all know, word can travel very quickly.  But when you are seeking to draw in thousands … Continue reading

The Sales Tax Rate in Texas: What is It and How It Works

By Johnny Bevers Perhaps you’re thinking of putting up your own business in the state of Texas.  Whether you intend to sell tangible personal items, offer taxable services, or lease spaces, one of the most important things you ought to learn about is the applicable sales tax rate. To be able to carry out your … Continue reading

Where To Find Title Loans In Houston Texas

For those looking to borrow cash against a paid off or nearly paid off car a title loan can be a great alternative.  But that term can be confusing; does one get to keep their car during the loan? How difficult is it to obtain a title loan?  Where does one go in the Houston … Continue reading

What Is Liability Insurance and What Does It Really Protect You Against?

By Johnny Bevers What You’re Protected Against When You’re Covered With Liability Insurance: An insurance policy is a legally binding contract taken out by an individual with an insurance company. The individual agrees to pay which can either be paid as a single payment or in installments and this is in exchange for a confirmation from … Continue reading

How to Get Your Business License in Texas

For prospective Texas entrepreneurs, starting a business (and getting your license to do business) is more than just the first step toward financial independence and a greater degree of control over their lives. The process is complex and often full of unexpected costs and complications, one of which is can be the acquisition of the … Continue reading

Army Announces Closure Of Two Texas Brigade Combat Teams

The Chief of Staff of the Army, General Raymond Odierno announced the closure of two Texas Brigade Combat Teams today.  They include the 3rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas, and the 4th BCT, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.  Fort Bliss is located just outside of El Paso and Fort Hood … Continue reading