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We’ll tell you about our travels throughout Texas. Offers you helpful advice as you navigate the Texas highways.

The Lymin Beach House -Best Vacation Rental in St Croix

If you made the decision to vacation in St. Croix  and do not want to be boxed into a hotel for a week, the absolute most private and peaceful beach house rental on the island is the Lymin House.  Tucked away on the East side of St. Croix island, it is thirty seconds by car to the Divi Bay Resort … Continue reading

Awesome Texas Summer Getaways

Ahhhh, Texas in the Summertime; scorching heat …which could be extremely humid or terribly dry, depending on which part of the state you’re in. After working through the Winter, and toiling through the Spring, its time to “chill out” on a Texas Summer Getaway. But where should you go and what is there to do? … Continue reading

Texas Deliciousness: Favorite Foods of the Lone Star State

Most Americans have a love affair with food, but when it comes to Texans, our appetites…and our passion for flavor…is, well, bigger. All states can boast of local cuisine which shares the history and excitement of its home. Texas is no different. The Austin Chronicle explains, “One of the most interesting facets of the American … Continue reading

Dangerous Texas Cities

Earlier this week, we posted an article which detailed some of the reasons why moving to Texas is a good financial plan. You don’t want to move to the wrong areas in the Lone Star State, however, so we are making a list of the most dangerous cities in Texas. Using the FBI Uniform Crime … Continue reading

Top “Must See” Texas Attractions

By Angela Mason, Contributor For those who are planning a vacation to Texas, or even those who call the Lone Star State home, there are several attractions that are absolute “must sees.” To make things just a bit simpler, we have compiled a list of our favorites, so be sure to add them to your … Continue reading

Family Fun In The Pineywoods Region Of Texas

The Pineywoods region of East Texas is more than just beautiful in scenery.  This is a great area for busy families of all kinds to get away and go have some fun.  Area attractions by cities within the region include: Alto:  The small town of Alto located on the El Camino Real (or Old San … Continue reading

Check Out The “Updated” Houston Museum of Natural History

By De Castillo, Contributor Whether looking for a field trip or family outing in Houston or just something to do while in town, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is one place you’ll want to check out.  Time will definitely get away from visitors who get wrapped up in the exhibits and planetarium.  Luckily, the … Continue reading

Lake Brownwood State Park

By De Castillo, Contributor Located a bit north of Central Texas, Lake Brownwood is a true gem for nature vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Whether seeking a romantic escape, an inexpensive and interactive outing with the kids, or just a peaceful, scenic refuge from the office, this beautiful park has something for everyone.  … Continue reading

10 Must See Destinations in the Texas Hill Country

By Johnny Bevers Just between Coastal Plains and the Edwards Plateau in Texas, you’ll find Texas Hill Country.  Overall, Hill Country is over 200 miles wide.  Known for its box canyons and bustling rivers, Hill Country is home to some of the most beautiful sights in Texas.  People from all over the world come to … Continue reading

Dallas Area “Must See” Attractions

    Dallas is a big city in every sense of the word, offering numerous attractions for just about any personality. There is a little bit of everything in Dallas and that is precisely what people enjoy about it. I will be covering some of the more unique places to visit in Dallas and why … Continue reading

When Visiting Texas, Should You Consider A Day Trip To Mexico?

By Johnny Bevers Day trips to Mexico aren’t what they used to be.  With all the Mexican violence surrounding the cartels, travelers have become weary of making the jaunt across the border.  Still, some tourists find it appealing to visit with the locals and are compelled to take the risk.  If you decide to venture … Continue reading

An Inside Look At the Casa Del Mar In Galveston

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking for a great hotel in Galveston Texas that’s right on the beach, check out the Casa Del Mar for a clean, convenient stay with a great view of the beach and very close to surrounding attractions.  This is a completely unpaid and independent review of the Casa Del Mar … Continue reading

Fishing In Texas? Don’t Forget That License!

By Johnny Bevers Texas has some of the best fishing in the world, but if you’re not licensed, you could face hefty penalties by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  To avoid the hassle, simply stop by one of your local retailers and pick one up.  You’ll find that fishing licenses are fairly cheap and … Continue reading

Water Parks in Dallas and the Surrounding Metroplex

If you’re looking to get wet and take a break with the kids, why not check out one of the amazing water parks surrounding the Dallas Fort Worth area and the northeast portion of Texas?  While there are plenty of ways to cool off, one of the most effective (and definitely most fun) has got to be a … Continue reading

Big Bend – A Bird Watchers Paradise

By Johnny Bevers If you’re a bird watcher and you happen to be around the Big Bend area of Texas, you’re in for an incredible treat! The Big Bend National Park is a premium site for some of the rarest birds in the country. Some of these birds are on the endangered species list and … Continue reading

Romantic Getaways In Texas

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking for the most romantic spots in Texas to take your lover on a secluded vacation, you simply must read the following….  We offer the insight you’ll need to make your romantic getaway an event that neither of you will ever forget.  Despite the best efforts of popular culture to … Continue reading

Hotels Near Sea World San Antonio

By Johnny Bevers For family-friendly fun, few vacation destinations can top the SeaWorld family of amusement parks. While there are a few scattered about the country, a great option for a budget-conscious trip is the San Antonio, TX park. Although San Antonio is a popular vacation spot in its own right, for the most part … Continue reading

The Top 10 Places To Visit While You’re In Houston

When it comes to vacation destinations in the U.S., there is no shortage of cities to choose from. You don’t have to travel to the Big Apple or San Francisco to find plenty of things to do though, and the attractions in Houston, TX showcase that fact. Located near the Texas and Louisiana border, Houston … Continue reading

Head To Galveston For Your Next Texas Vacation

Galveston, the fоrmеr hоmе оf fаmоuѕ Gulf Cоаѕt ріrаtе Jеаn LaFitte, hаѕ survived the deadliest hurricane іn US hіѕtоrу tо bесоmе а tор tourist attraction.  Galveston’s unique ѕtуlе blends hіѕtоrіс landmarks, buildings, hоtеlѕ and hоmеѕ with mіlеѕ оf sandy bеасhеѕ and ѕtаtе-оf-the-аrt attractions. If уоu аrе the kind who lіkеѕ the sun and the sea, Galveston, … Continue reading

How To Visit Houston On The “Cheap”

If you’re planning a trip to Houston and don’t have alot of money to spend on lavish hotels, you should consider some of Houston’s well kept secrets.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy Houston, just a little “pre-planning” and you can have a wonderful time with very little money. … Continue reading

The Best Hotels In Downtown San Antonio

As the 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest in the US, San Antonio has much to offer for tourists and businessmen alike. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and this is reflected by the amount of people that come and … Continue reading

Why People Stay At The Omni Hotel In Dallas, TX

The Dallas Omni Hotel Dallas, TX is one of the prime locations in the United States for tourists or business travelers.  Each year, over 28 million domestic visitors come to Dallas in order to enjoy the many restaurants, shopping centers and cultural of historical attractions.  While the hotel has plenty to offer, Dallas is a … Continue reading