If boots could talk

If boots could talk is an award-winning Texas poem written by A YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS. It is a beautiful tribute to soldiers’ boots.

If boots could talk, they would have a lot to say. They would tell tales of the soldier who wore them, of the places they have been and the things they have seen. For many people, a pair of boots is nothing more than a piece of clothing. But for a soldier, their boots are so much more. They are a reminder of home, of the people and the country they are fighting for. They are a comfort in times of hardship and a reminder that, no matter what happens, they are not alone.

Because the sound of marching boots rises up like thunder

The boots of a Texas soldier have seen some of the most beautiful places in the world, from the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan to the deserts of Iraq. They have marched through jungles and crossed frozen rivers. They have been soaked in blood and covered in mud. But through it all, they have remained steadfast, a symbol of hope and courage.

For example, the Texas Army National Guard has soldiers who have deployed to more than 40 countries over the past decade. And while these soldiers may be based in Texas, their boots have taken them to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

If boots could talk, they would have stories to inspire us all. They would remind us of what it means to be brave and to never give up. They would remind us that, even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better and that we will one day see peace.

If boots could talk

They just might say…

I carried the feet of soldiers

To places FAR AWAY

You see, SOME of them


LIKE streaks of lightning

That went across the sky

Some of them marched in me


And in mud rocks AND MOUNTAINS

In almost every land

Others wore me ACROSS THE WAVES

Braving the wildest seas

So now, we HUMBLY THANK the ancient boots

Marching along with these

We thank them who WILL NOT LET

Our homeland GO TO PLUNDER

Because the sound of marching boots

Rises up like THUNDER!

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