Make an appointment at the Mexican Consulate in Houston Texas


The Mexican Consulate in Houston, Texas, is an essential institution that serves as a link between the Mexican government and its citizens residing in the city.

This guide aims to provide all the necessary information about the consulate’s services, working hours, contact information, and more in an easily comprehensible manner.

Houston Mexican Consulate Operating Schedule

The Mexican Consulate in Houston generally operates from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays observed in Mexico or the United States.

It is advisable to get in touch with the consulate beforehand to schedule an appointment, especially during peak times or around holidays.

Mexican Consulate in Houston TX staff is bilingual in Spanish and English

Reaching out to the consulate is straightforward and can be done by phone during operational hours.

The consulate prides itself on its bilingual staff, ensuring that all communications can be conducted in either English or Spanish.

Houston Tx Mexican Consulate Phone Numbers

Now, depending on the services you require, you can use the following contact numbers:

🇲🇽 Department 🇲🇽 Phone Number
🇲🇽 Consular Services 424 309 0009
🇲🇽 Community/Culture Affairs (713) 778-6116
🇲🇽 CIAM (520) 623-7874
🇲🇽 Switchboard (713) 271-6800
🇲🇽 Fax (713) 779-0701
(713) 772-1229
🇲🇽 Email
🇲🇽 Website

Emergency Assistance at the Mexican Consulate in Houston Texas

The Consular Protection and Legal Affairs Department is located on the consulate’s second floor.

It primarily assists Mexican nationals with civil, immigration, humanitarian, criminal, labor, and family-related issues.

You can visit them during working hours without needing an appointment in emergency situations. The Mexican Consulate Houston phone numbers are:

For more detailed information, you can visit the consulate’s official website.

Here, you’ll find information about key staff members, their roles, and their email addresses.

Services Offered by the Mexican Consulate including Translation Services

Mexican nationals residing in Houston can avail themselves of several services from the Mexican Consulate.

This includes passport renewals, registration and issuance of marriage licenses, and registration of births.

Here are the fee structure for these services at Houston Mexican Consulate.

Procedimiento Costo
Pasaporte 1 año (casos de protección y menores de 3 años) $40.00 USD
Pasaporte 3 años $93.00 USD
Pasaporte 6 años $126.00 USD
Pasaporte 10 años $192.00 USD
Matrícula Consular $38.00 USD
Credencial para votar desde el extranjero Sin Costo
Registro Civil
Registro de Matrimonio $60.00 USD
Copia Certificada acta de Matrimonio $18.00 USD
Registro de Nacimiento (Doble Ciudadanía) Gratuito
Copia Certificada de acta de nacimiento $18.00 USD
Registro de Defunción Gratuito
Copia Certificada de acta de Defunción $18.00 USD
Declaratoria de Nacionalidad $22.00 USD
Copia Certificada de Declaratoria de Nacionalidad $31.00 USD
Constancia de renuncia a la nacionalidad mexicana $62.00 USD
Constancia de no antecedentes de naturalización $20.00 USD
Copia certificada de declaratoria de nacionalidad $31.00 USD
Certificado de Psicotrópicos $88.00 USD
Certificado de Petición de Parte $88.00 USD
Cotejo $18.00 USD
Menaje de Casa a Mexicanos $134.00 USD
Menaje de Casa a Extranjeros $179.00 USD
Fe Pública
Poder Notarial (Persona Física) $163.00 USD
Poder notarial (Persona Moral) $243.00 USD
Testamento $207.00 USD
Testamento para extranjeros $414.00 USD
Renuncia de Derechos Hereditarios $163.00 USD
Testimonio Subsecuente (cada hoja) $11.00 USD
Revocación de Poderes $163.00 USD
Convenio sobre Patria Potestad $61.00 USD
Visa $51.00 USD
Visa para Visitante con permiso para realizar actividades remuneradas $295.00 USD
Procedure Cost
Passport 1 year (protection cases and children under 3 years) $40.00 USD
Passport 3 years $93.00 USD
Passport 6 years $126.00 USD
Passport 10 years $192.00 USD
Consular Registration $38.00 USD
Voter ID for voting from abroad Free
Civil Registry
Marriage Registration $60.00 USD
Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate $18.00 USD
Birth Registration (Dual Citizenship) Free
Certified Copy of Birth Certificate $18.00 USD
Death Registration Free
Certified Copy of Death Certificate $18.00 USD
Declaration of Nationality $22.00 USD
Certified Copy of Declaration of Nationality $31.00 USD
Certificate of Renunciation of Mexican Nationality $62.00 USD
Certificate of No Naturalization Records $20.00 USD
Certified Copy of Declaration of Nationality $31.00 USD
Psychotropic Drugs Certificate $88.00 USD
Certificate of Request for Part $88.00 USD
Comparison $18.00 USD
Household Goods for Mexicans $134.00 USD
Household Goods for Foreigners $179.00 USD
Public Faith
Notarial Power of Attorney (Individual) $163.00 USD
Notarial Power of Attorney (Legal Entity) $243.00 USD
Will $207.00 USD
Will for Foreigners $414.00 USD
Renunciation of Inheritance Rights $163.00 USD
Subsequent Testimony (per page) $11.00 USD
Revocation of Powers $163.00 USD
Agreement on Parental Authority $61.00 USD
Visa $51.00 USD
Visa for Visitor with permission to engage in paid activities $295.00 USD

The requirements for each process may vary, and you may need to provide certain documents. Below are some standard processes and the necessary documents for each.

Documents required to get a passport from the Mexican Consulate in Houston Texas

To obtain a new passport, you must first schedule an appointment with the consulate. The required documents include:

  • Proof of nationality: This can be a birth certificate or a naturalization letter.
  • Proof of identity: This includes Mexican school reports or Identity Cards.
  • If you’re married and have changed your last name or want your spouse’s name on the passport, you’ll need your marriage certificate.

Renewing a Passport

To renew your passport, you need to bring your expired passport to your appointment.

If there are any errors or observations on the passport, they must be resolved with the original identification document used for the initial passport application, such as your official identification or birth certificate.

Applying for a Visa to Enter Mexico

Like many countries, Mexico requires foreign nationals to obtain a visa before entering the country, with some exceptions. You can enter Mexico without a visa if:

  • You’re a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • You’re from the UK, Japan, or any of the Schengen area countries.

If you’re uncertain about your country’s status, you can consult this list from the Government of Mexico Website.

The Visa Application Process

To apply for a visa at the Mexican consulate, you need to book an online visa appointment and be present at the consulate on the day of the appointment. Here’s what to expect:

  • The consulate will review your application, verify your official documents, and collect your biometric data.
  • You’ll also be interviewed.
  • The decision may be made on the same day or within a few days of the interview. The entire process may take between one to ten business days.

Location and Address of the Houston Mexican Consulate

The Mexican Consulate in Houston is located at 4506 Caroline Street. The postal address is 4507 San Jacinto Street, Houston, Texas 77004.

The Consul General at the Consulate in Houston is Mr. Oscar Rodriguez Cabrera.

The Mexican Consulate in Houston continues to be a vital point of contact for Mexican nationals living in the city.

With its range of services, it helps maintain the link between the Mexican government and its citizens and provides necessary assistance when required.

Whether you’re renewing your passport, applying for a visa, or need legal aid, the consulate is ready to assist. Always remember to schedule an appointment and bring all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth process.