#Texans are not for sale

#Texans are not for sale. The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a video raising awareness of human trafficking. He stated that Texas is in the front lines fighting human trafficking. It affects millions of men, women and children. His campaign is #Texans are not for sale. Shared Hope Living has a display and information center in the state’s capitol building. More than 200,000 commercial sex ads offered Texas children for sale last year.

#End Human Trafficking in Texas

#Texans are not for sale

End Modern Slavery because #Texans are not for sale

#Texans are not for sale. Texas leads the fight to end modern day slavery and sex trafficking. They shut down the largest purveyors of human trafficking and successfully prosecuted over 441 years of prison time. Participate in the BLUE SAND PROJECT. Buy blue sand here. The purpose of the sand is to let Texans know they are not going to fall through the cracks. The sand signifies that we see you, we are here for you and to bring awareness. #Texans are not for sale.

“The blue sand is for survivors of sex trafficking to know that we are here for you and we wont let you fall through the cracks. Also, so traffickers can know that we see you and we’re not going to put up with what your doing to our friends in every community,” said Hillary Cobb with One Voice Home.

Human Trafficking Blue Line information can be found here.

Join the #txbluesandproject today. Parents, know this: traffickers are targeting 12 to 14 years of age. Throw out their phones. Lock their computers or at least block everything you can. Monitor all contacts. It’s the only way. Please join the Texas AG and countless others to save as many lives as possible. #Texans are not for sale.