Joe Biden slams MAGA Republicans

Is Joe Biden really slamming MAGA Republicans? Just exactly who is he slamming? Texas is made up of mostly MAGA Republicans. We feel compelled to address Biden’s speech he made on Sep 2, 2022. Let’s begin by explaining why we think he delivered this type of speech right now. First, his entire presidency has been a complete and utter disaster. He hasn’t secured our southern border where over 2 million illegal immigrants have poured in since the beginning of 2022. Second, his Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster and resulted in the loss of American life and over $80B in military equipment.

Next, his administration (along with the Democrat-controlled Congress) passed a series of spending bills that sent inflation through the roof. Next, he attacked his political adversary by sending the FBI into Mar-a -Lago to invade President Trump’s home. Bottom line: He needed to change the narrative, so his handlers came up with a shocking speech to distract the country.

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TEXAS MAGA Republicans

Biden positioned two unwitting military personnel to provide an illusion of military support against half the country

Employing a dark red backdrop to set the stage, Biden positioned two unwitting military personnel to provide an illusion of military support for his hateful and divisive rhetoric against MAGA Republicans whatever race they may be. The speech was dark, sent signals of a new socialist regime, and warned people against supporting the MAGA movement. He stated that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” He went on to say that not all Republicans are “MAGA” Republicans. He stated the majority of Republicans weren’t considered “MAGA”.

Well, some people assume Mr. Biden is somewhat senile. They believe he is handled by a group of far left extremists. Even if true, that doesn’t mean that he can read off of a bunch of note cards and walk away. He must use own his words and truly understand what the implications are for these types of divisive speeches.

What the Biden speech means to 74.2 million MAGA Republicans

Biden’s speech effectively disenfranchised half the country and will likely come back to haunt him as Democrats all over the country switch to the MAGA Republican party. If you don’t think this group of voters will come out and make their voices heard in November, then think again. The #walkaway movement is stronger now more than ever. More people are seeing how the country is being handled under far left rule.

In California, for example the sale of gas-powered cars are being phased out in just over a decade meaning they will have no choice but to buy electric-powered vehicles, plugging them into an already over-taxed electrical grid. In an otherwise free country, this is essentially taking freedoms away them and leaving them with really no choice.

While electric vehicles seem like a good idea, the most expensive part of them, the battery, tends to deteriorate over time and is required to be changed after only a few years. I recently saw a social media post that had a picture of a quote to replace a 5-year old Chevrolet Volt with a new battery and the estimate was over $29,000 dollars. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money for a battery!

What does MAGA mean anyway?

MAGA simply means “Make America Great Again”. It’s a now Republican political slogan used by American conservatives to express their belief that the United States is a great country that deserves to be respected and admired. The slogan became popular during the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump, who used it as a rallying cry for his supporters. MAGA Republicans believe that the United States is a great country that has been unfairly criticized in recent years. Republicans want to MAGA “make America great again” by creating more jobs, lowering taxes, and increasing security (primarily at the southern border of the United States). They also want to shrink the size of the government and return power to the states. Finally, they want to protect traditional American values and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Are MAGA Republicans Racists?

Diverse MAGA Republicans

Contrary to left-leaning media outlets, the actions seen by the MAGA Republicans are not racist or homophobic as all segments of society join the MAGA movement. We see this as the recent candidates endorsed by President Trump are all off different nationalities and backgrounds. They have diversity of thought and can open and honestly debate the issues, allowing the best arguments to ultimately win.

Joe Biden recently gave a speech in which he said that “MAGA Republicans” were “the dregs of society.” He was speaking about the people who support Donald Trump and his policies. Biden is wrong and lying about MAGA Republicans. They are not the dregs of society. They are hardworking, patriotic Americans who love their country and want to make it great again.

MAGA Republicans are not racists, sexist, or bigots. They do not hate immigrants or minorities. They simply want what is best for America.

MAGA Republicans are the future of America. They include ALL people who will make America great again economically and patriotically.

Why Joe Biden is Wrong About MAGA Republicans

Biden went on to say that Trump and his “MAGA” supporters are against everything that makes America great. But is that true? Are MAGA Republicans really against democracy, equality, and opportunity?

Are MAGA Republicans really against democracy, equality, and opportunity? Or are they just against some of the things that they perceive as being threats to those values?

One thing is certain: Joe Biden is wrong when he says that Donald Trump and his supporters are against everything that makes America great.

What are the principles of MAGA Republicans?

  1. A secure border
  2. Law and order
  3. Stop the importation and spread of Fentanyl. A deadly drug that kills thousands of Americans each year.
  4. A strong military with cutting edge equipment
  5. Low gas prices
  6. Free and fair trade
  7. Pro life with limited exceptions for rape and incest. They definitely do not support abortion in the third trimester or after birth like many of the democrats. Most supported returning abortion rights to the states which the Supreme Court determined in 2022.
  8. NATO must pay their fair share
  9. Election Integrity with voter identification. Many believe the left manipulated 2020 election. They believe it was by employing illegal ballot harvesting which seemed to by supported by Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules.”
  10. Lower taxes for all societal classes to stimulate the economy

Joe Biden believes that MAGA Republicans are a threat to the United States of America with very little explanation about why he feels that way. He pointed to the January 6th insurrection where people were arguably angry because they assumed that there was something considerably wrong with election night.

It is important for Americans to come together and reject divisive language like that used by Joe Biden. We need to have a civil dialogue in this country so that we can find common ground and work together for the common good.