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Texas A&M Bookstore

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Those visiting the Texas area looking for a little bit of retail therapy, combined with a some local history and culture could do a lot worse than heading to the Texas A&M Bookstore.  Based on a leafy boulevard around two miles East of Eastwood airport, this is not, as the name suggests, a mere bookstore.

As can be distinguished from the name, Texas A&M Bookstore is closely affiliated with Texas A&M University.  In support of this affiliation, the store provides a broad range of university related merchandise as well as ensuring the university students have access to the learning material required for their studies.  The selection you’ll find here is nothing short of incredible!

photo of A&M jerseys sold in the bookstore

Texas A&M Bookstore originally set out to supply the text books required by students of Texas A&M university, and this remains one of the main purposes of the store.  To support the student body, the store supplies books on a vast range of subjects.  The bookstore provides a both an in-store and online database, allowing students to identify and request books specific to their courses.  In addition, the bookstore offers a wide selection of used text books – heavily in demand from students with limited budgets and loans to consider, and is now providing a rental service for books that are needed for a short amount of time.

a&m bookstore computer sales area

Beyond the books, Texas A&M Bookstore provides a huge range of merchandise, particularly clothing.  The university’s sports teams inspire a large proportion of the clothing on offer – sweatshirts, polo shirts and replica sports shirts are available in all styles and sizes for both male and female shoppers. Children are also well catered for – clothing and hats are available for the younger supports of Texas A&M’s sports teams.

All merchandise is heavily influenced by the traditional A&M sports colors; maroon and white.  The teams are affectionately known as the “Aggies” – referring to the numerous agricultural schools in the local area.

Barnes and Noble at Texas A&M University

The merchandise is, however, not limited to clothing.  The store also provides supplies for fans going to games with flags, pennants and car accessories all available.  This selection extends to a number of gifts – pens, jewellery and stuffed animals can all be purchased at the store.

The committed fans can go a few steps further, with fans being given the opportunity to sport Texas A&M headbands, paying for their tickets from their A&M wallets.  The game day tailgate traditions are also catered for as the store offers napkins, a metal water pail and, for those planning a long afternoon, a tail gate tent to shield supports from the afternoon sunshine.

Away from the “Aggies” merchandise, the store also stocks stationery supplies for the more day-to-day needs of the student population. Supplies of light bulbs, padlocks and printer ink cartridges are also available.

a&m bookstore sales on the football field

The store is open seven days a week. Monday thru Friday the store is open 8am thru 6pm.  On Saturday, hours are reduced to 10am thru 5pm, and Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

The Texas A&M Bookstore can be found on Joe Routt Boulevard, off Wellborn road.  The store forms part of Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Centre Building.

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See above map for the exact location of the A&M book store.  Even if you’re a tourist, the stuff you’ll find here is incredible!

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