Are you tired of getting JERKED AROUND BY the VA VETERANS AFFAIRS on your claim for compensation?

Are you tired of getting jerked around by the VA Veterans affairs on your claim for compensation? Claim handled carelessly? Can't get help? If you are like me, you are sick and tired of the run around you are getting on your VA claim. You are tired of having to phone a call center representative at 800-827-1000 who in no way has the authority to answer your question or solve your problems.

Your problem probably is that the VA claims examiner no doubt spent just a few minutes carelessly denying half your your claimed disabilities. If you received a rating at all it is probably under 50 percent which prevents you from getting a separate payment from the VA outside of your retirement check. Coincidence? I think not. Why ARE veterans treated in this country will little to no respect?

You are probably sick and tired of trying to get an actual claim status. Now, you probably see something in your app that says it will be February 2024 before a decision is made for claims similar to yours.

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You called the VA, you used the Chat feature, you wrote letters to the corporate office in Wisconsin with a tracking number. Still, nothing.

If you are a veteran like me, you probably had bad advice from whoever answers the phone telling you to file an Upper Level Claim review or appeal prematurely. If you are a veteran like me, your Freedom of Information Request will not be granted for a year or possibly two.

If your experience is anything like mine, leave a comment. Chat representatives have placed me on hold, muted me, raised their voices and offered false advice or no advice at all.


If you are a veteran like me, you probably had half of your disabilities denied by copy and paste feature with the wrong information being copied and pasted.

If you are a veteran like me with 23 years of service to our great country, as well as many years of Civil Service, you probably are shocked that the Independent Medical Exam you probably paid $3000.00 for was in no way, shape or form considered in the five minutes the Examiner spent on the decision for your claim.

If you are a 23 year Veteran like me you more than likely had NO consideration that was favorable from your lay statements submitted by family members, witnesses or nurses sworn statements.

If you are a veteran like me, you probably are listed in the burn pit registry. If you are a veteran like me, that probably counted for NOTHING.

If you are a veteran like me, your claim denial actually stated your obstructive sleep apnea was service connected but when the decision was rendered, they left out the rating for the primary disability. If you are a veteran like me, you will probably never receive an apology or a phone call or a timely decision.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Being Jerked around by the Department of Veterans Affairs

If you are a veteran like me, you probably know several people who have been on a waiting list for years for an additional rating after multiple surgeries. If you are a veteran like me, you have spoken with one too many veterans who share your experience.

If you are a veteran like me, you have tried everything but writing to your Congressman. If you are veteran like me, you probably know someone who was approved for the same conditions you were denied under the same circumstances.

If you are a veteran like me, thank you for your service to this country. Senators claim to want to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs, but have they? I am calling on every Senator and Congressman to heed this call. Make the change.

Please leave comments. There must be something we can do about this together.

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