Art Classes and Workshops in Austin Texas

Art classes in Austin Texas offer a variety adult & youth lessons and workshops. The workshops include painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, mosaics and more. The city of Austin is rich in art education options for hobbyists and professionals of all ages. Interested students have options to take remote or in-person courses. You can attend courses on either flexible (weekly, drop-in) or committed (semesterly, annual) bases. There is an option for art classes in Austin Texas that will fit requirements of any motivated artist.  Art lessons, workshops, mosaic classes, adult art classes, kids art classes, painting classes and more are available in Austin, Texas. You can even attend culinary arts classes in University of Texas Austin. Give them a call for upcoming art classes and submissions.

Virtual Art Classes in Austin

For example, The Austin Creative Art Center provides real-time virtual classes through Zoom Monday through Friday. Attend the ACAC class on a semesterly basis. The class teaches painting, drawing, sculpture, acrylics, watercolors, graphite, charcoal, paper-mâché, clay, pastel, pen, and ink. 

The Contemporary Austin offers virtual art classes (with limited in-person options) for individuals of any age. A vast majority of courses cover art techniques and forms, such as acrylics, photography, drawing, ceramics, cartooning, sculpture, and more. However, the Contemporary Austin also offers frequent lecture hall courses designed to educate students in art history and theory. 

The Art Academy of Austin offers kid and adult art classes online and in-studio in weekly, semesterly, and summer-camp formats. The courses offer instruction in drawing, painting, and digital art.

The Doughtery Arts Center specializes in teen (15+) and adult art education on a semesterly registration schedule. In addition to their mixed-age course offerings, they host free and paid professional workshops open to the public. 

Clay and Pastels

Art Amore Austin offers both in-studio and remote art classes on a semesterly or annual basis. This helps train students in a variety of mediums including clay, acrylic, oil pastels, and more. In addition to semesterly and annual courses, Art Amore offers private lessons for adults. That’s great for those seeking to build art skills through the use of professional grade materials.

The Sacred Arts Studio of Austin offers both adult and child art classes in virtual learning environments. Remote classes offer ZOOM with a variety of commitment levels, class sizes, and material requirements. 

The Atelier Dojo of Austin offers advanced art workshops for students with strong skills in the fundamentals of art. It is particularly valuable to those who are interested in growing and/or honing their skills for professional development purposes. Courses offer a rolling basis and include instruction in oil portraiture, figure drawing, self portraits, and more.

Kids Art Classes Austin

Childrens Art Classes Austin Texas

Youth art classes in Austin Texas are plentiful.

First, Austin Creative Art Center offers remote (over Zoom) and in-person kids art classes in after-school settings. They train students in painting, drawing, ink, and more. These courses are designed to meet the individual needs of each student through small class sizes and hands-on training.

The Contemporary Austin offers learning experiences for school-aged children. This includes both enrolled in public school and homeschool learning environments, and parent-child paired sessions. The flexibility of CA courses allows students of all experience levels opportunities to develop art skills at their own pace.

Art Academy of Austin

Kids Art Classes through the Art Academy of Austin focus on instruction in fascinating areas. For example, drawing, painting, and digital art, and are broken up into five age group categories. Children as young four-years-old can begin instruction at any time on a rolling weekly basis. Teens can begin their art journeys with semester commitments from August through May. 

The Dougherty Arts Center offers a Youth Arts program. The program is for children between the ages of 3.5 to 5 on a monthly basis. Here, students will learn to draw, sculpt, and create using a variety of mediums. The DAC boasts a low student to teacher ratio of 1:8. And, in addition to art instruction, offers students lunch and time to play outdoors. For families with less commitment possibilities, or with older children, the DAC offers Saturday art classes. The classes are for students ranging from five to 14 years of age. Finally, the DAC offers after-school programs. The age range for students is between 5 and twelve years. This is in concurrence with the Austin Independent School District calendar. Summer classes for students are from 5 to 9 years old. 

Homeschool Art Classes

The Sacred Arts Studio of Austin offers art classes for kids in a variety of formats. Homeschool art classes held regularly over Zoom take place once a week over the course of six weeks. Similarly, after school classes take place once a week over the course of six weeks. The classes are broken up into two age groups. Advanced art classes for kids are on a similar once a week six-week schedule. However, they carry the added benefit of individual instruction for thirty minutes every three weeks. Advanced courses designed for students between the ages of ten and 14 are desirable. Finally, the SAS offers private instruction for kids on a rolling basis with low commitment and minimal fees.

Adult Art Zoom Classes in Austin

In similar fashion, the Austin Creative Art Center offers adult art classes. The classes are scheduled for two hours one day each week. They also have two-hour drop-in sessions for those who aren’t interested in a long-term commitment. The center has a number of custom-designed art classes for hobbyists and professionals alike. 

The Contemporary Austin offers virtual (over Zoom) and in-studio art classes for adult-aged hobbyists and professionals in a variety of commitment formats. Course offerings include instruction in acrylics, photography, drawing, ceramics, cartooning, sculpture, and more. 

Adult Art classes through The Art Academy of Austin include instruction in drawing, painting, and digital art on a semesterly basis. The adult art classes mix in age and experience level, with beginner to professional students ranging from 17 to 99 years of age.

Digital Art

The Dougherty Arts Center offers adult art classes for students aged 15 and up on a six-week basis. They focus in the areas of ceramics, digital art, darkroom photography, and drawing and painting. The small class sizes allow for tailored instruction expriences.

Art Amore Austin offers private adult lessons in Austin Texas for artists and hobbyists of all experience levels. Private courses use exclusively professional grade materials and is individually-tailored to each student’s needs.

The Sacred Arts Studio of Austin offers a twelve-week adult watercolor class in a remote learning environment. This course carries the added perk of recorded sessions so that adults who miss a class (or who want to review a class) can view the record session. Classes are held on Thursday evenings and are offered each semester.

Mosaic and Glasswork Classes

Mosaic Classes Austin Texas

Moreover, Blue Moon Glassworks offers in-person mosaic classes in a variety of commitment formats. Their two-hour class is designed to teach students how to craft mosaic jewelry using Apoxie Sculpt. A number of five-week beginners classes train students in wall art pieces, stained glass, 3D mosaic waves, and vases. An individually-paced open studio course of three weeks offers students the opportunity to bring in their own projects and ideas to work with an on-site professional. This is advantageous to advance their mosaic techniques. Blue Moon Glassworks offers a four-week course in mosaic mirror creation, a three-week course in teacup air plants, an three-week mixed media class. They have a one-night valentine’s gift class, and frequent three-hour open studio registration for students. This is for those who want to make use of the art space for their own projects. 

Art Parties

The Art Garage of Austin offers walk-in mosaics training for artists and hobbyists of all ages. It provides the supplies necessary for project creation. Projects created at the Art Garage don’t require kiln firing. In that regard, students can craft their work and take it home on the same day. In addition to walk-in offerings, the Art Garage hosts parties for birthdays and other events.

The Contemporary Austin offers a seven-session Mosaic Art I class for adults on a semesterly basis both in-person and online. This beginners class teaches students the basics of patterns, texture, design layouts, and more. The Contemporary Austin offers students opportunities to create and take home two or more art pieces. This is in addition to training students in the fundamentals of mosaic art.

Upcoming Art Workshops

The Dougherty Arts Center offers free open-to-the-public workshops on a semester calendar basis. The spring 2020 calendar lists six free workshops that cover many topics. The topics include art fairs, taxes, grants and funding opportunities, and more. In addition to the six free options, the DAC offers three paid workshops. Those workshops cover the topics of art education, public artist training, and ceramic professional development. 

The Sacred Arts Studio of Austin offers art workshops on a rolling basis for adults and children alike. New workshops in Austin TX will be listed on the SAS webpage as they are made available. They tend to fill up quickly. 

The Atelier Dojo of Austin offers a variety of art workshops for experienced students on a rolling basis. Upcoming workshops are currently suspended, but will be listed on the Atelier Dojo website when they resume.


Painting Classes Austin Texas

Painting Classes Austin Texas

The Dougherty Arts Center offers adult art classes in drawing and painting. The schedule is made of seven six-week courses (with one-week breaks). The age requirement is for students aged 15 and up. The course covers both acrylic and oil painting, and a variety of mixed-media techniques. The DAC offers a 700 square foot studio space to students. It requires students to purchase all of their own supplies ahead of the course. The DAC welcomes students of all experience levels. They ask more experienced students to assist less experienced students in their art journey.

In addition to many art forms, the Contemporary Austin offers virtual (over Zoom) and in-studio painting. They have mixed media classes for children and adult-aged artists and hobbyists alike.

The Atelier Dojo of Austin offers advanced art courses in oil portraiture, figure drawing, self portraits, and more. Current offerings include remote instruction in portrait painting essentials and an intro to portrait painting in oils.