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How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Texas

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Texas is a big state, and with it are miles and miles of roads.  Combined with often ideal weather, one of the best ways to get around is by motorcycle.  The highways provide numerous exhilarating rides and some of the best views found in the whole of the United States.Getting a motorcycle license in Texas is relatively straightforward, though there is some work involved before the authority is handed over.

The minimum age requirement for motorcycle license applicants is 15.  However, those under the age of 18 are subject to additional checks, which will be discussed later.  For those aged 18 and over, the application process comprises two main points.

First, the applicant is required to have a regular state drivers license.  Those without a regular drivers license can still apply for a Motorcycle ‘Class M’ License, but they will need to meet the requirements of a regular license.

Secondly, the applicant is required to complete and pass a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) approved Safety Course.  When applying for the Class M license, the applicant must provide the original certificate of completion obtained at the course as proof of qualification.  The DPS (Department of Public Safety) approved safety courses are provided throughout the state by qualified driving schools.

Motorcycle-license-texas 2The above requirements can be waived if the applicant has a valid motorcycle license from a state other than Texas.

For those aged over 15 and under 18, the requirements for your motorcycle are a little more strenuous.  The applicant needs to hold a ‘Class C’ drivers license or learners permit license.  In addition, the applicant needs to complete the classroom phase of the driver education course ahead of completing the motorcycle safety course.

For all ages, once the above requirements have been completed, the applicant is required to pass two tests:

Test 1 is in two parts:  The Knowledge Test covers basic, general driving knowledge, and a further, motorcycle specific knowledge test is also required.  Both tests are pass or fail and, naturally, need to be passed for the application to continue.

Motorcycle-license-texas drivers courseTest 2 is a practical motorcycle riding examination.  This part of the test can be waived if the applicant is over 18 and already has a regular drivers license OR is only applying for a learner permit license or is only looking to ride a moped.

Motorcycle-license-texas riderOnce these elements have been completed, the full application can be made.  All applications need to be made in person at one of the drivers license offices found throughout Texas.  Additional requirements include providing approved identification (for example a passport and birth certificate), a completed application form and proof of registration and insurance for any vehicle registered in the driver’s name.

how-to-get-your-motorbike-license learner approved signThe application also attracts a fee – the fees vary depending on the type of license required.  A new Class M license will cost the applicant around $25, though the learner permit can cost much less.  Again, getting your motorcycle license in Texas really isn’t that hard if you’ll simply follow the above steps.  Safely operating a motorcycle on Texas highways can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Those who choose a motorcycle on those warm days will achieve incredible gas mileage and savings, so if you’re looking at saving some money, a motorcycle may be just the ticket.  You’ll want to be sure to wear your protective gear as you troll around Texas highways, stay vigilant, and remember to never operate a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This video will give anyone planning on or thinking about taking the course a good idea of what to expect.

Taking this course is not only extremely recommended, but incredibly fun. The classroom portion is not very difficult and will provide tons of useful information and feedback on several real-world situations; as the riding portion is very helpful for anyone learning to better their riding techniques and decision making.

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  • canexan007

    I had my M class license for 25 years while I lived in Canada. When I got my drivers license switched to Texas they cut up my Ontario license. Do I have to retake the test to get my M class again?

  • Andrea King

    can you get a class m License. Without have to take a road test in a
    car. I dont have a drivers license. I wil get a learners permit.I a
    taking the MSC. over 25 years of age. I dont have a car to take the road
    test for the driver license.

  • Canexan

    I moved here from Canada 3 years ago and when I got my Texas drivers license they cut up my Ontario one.
    I have had my motorcycle license for 28 years. Is there a way to get my motorcycle license without having to go through all of the testing again?
    I am wanting to test drive a new bike soon and need to know if I need to go through the whole process again.

  • Teco33

    Test 2 is a practical motorcycle riding examination. This part of the test can be waived if the applicant is over 18 and already has a regular drivers license OR is only applying for a learner permit license or is only looking to ride a moped.

    Does the second sentence of the above paragraph (legally mean), One can skip the Motorcycle safety course, as stated in the second sentence, fifth paragraph of this website? Requesting a Texas DPS statute to back up this conflicting inference.

  • Tex

    Yes, it’s always a good idea to keep it with you.

  • Tex

    Yes, the Class C license will work as an identification document when applying for your motorcycle license.

  • Tex

    You’ll have to renew your passport and then apply. Good question.

  • sunflower

    In the forth paragraph, where it says, “must meet requirements of a regular license” what does that mean? Rules of the road, right of way, etc? If someone can elaborate for me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Tex

      We simply mean that you must meet the requirements for a regular car license, and yes you need to understand rules of the road, what highway signs mean, who has the right of way in different situations when riding a motorcycle, what a safe distance for driving behind a car (or other vehicle) in front of you is, etc.