Re-Elect “Lieutenant Dan” for a secure border in Texas

Lieutenant Dan: The buses keep rolling and the Dems keep crying!

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas is on a bus tour for re-election. Hear what he’s been up to and why Texans support him! Dan Patrick is out on the campaign trail, visiting Texans in all corners of the state. He’s been to coffee shops, diners, farms, schools, baseball teams – you name it. If there’s a place where Texans gather, chances are good that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been there. And he isn’t just shaking hands and kissing babies; he’s listening to what people have to say.

First, what do Texans want from their government? Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is working hard to make sure he hears them loud and clear. Want to join him? Vote for Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in Texas Nov 2022! His bus tour is hitting 8 to 10 Texas cities per day. Many great Texas organizations endorsed him. Who is Dan Patrick? Who is endorsing him? What is he made of? Will the Lone Star State re-elect him?

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Texas, your vote counts! Get off the couch, call in sick and click a button as if your neighborhood and your bank account depend on it

Dan Patrick, a preeminent voice for liberty-loving policies both in Texas and across the nation is leading this fight. Lieutenant Dan served as Lt Governor since 2014. He focused on securing our border with Mexico; reducing property taxes by cutting returns from farmers’ equity payments (to encourage them instead); securing gun rights among many other things including standing up against Second Amendment Plaza Error). Dan has been a member of Second Baptist Church in Houston for over 30 years.

In 2018 election cycle we saw him win again bringing more Conservatism into politics which will continue moving forward under his leadership!

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With Patrick at the helm, Texas has seen its most conservative and productive sessions in Senate history. His leadership helped pass legislation to dramatically increase border security as well reduce taxes on families by 25%.

He focuses solely upon strategies that keep Texans safe. He promotes an economic boom for all aspects of life within Texas. That included removing incentives which promote migration elsewhere. That was some very good work done between peers. They happen to not only be representing you or me but every citizen nuancefully invested into these proceedings.

Vote for Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick because he is a Texan of action

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Patrick is a tireless advocate for property tax relief, education reforms and more family choice in primary schools. He has also been vocal about the problems with failing schools as well as giving parents control over where they want their children educated – whether its public or private school. The Lt Governor’s faith-based collaboration across Texas resulted not just hundreds but thousands of families volunteering to provide foster care which gives them greater flexibility when it comes time take on this role fulltime! Patrick supports law enforcement by initiating programs that ensures officers always have bulletproof vests capable of protecting against high caliber rifle shooting.

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Help “Lieutenant Dan” who is a producer, author, Christian, friend and public servant

The life and career of Patrick paints a colorful picture. “Lieutenant Dan” is a successful small-business man. He was elected twice to represent part Houston and Northwest Harris County in the state Senate. His achievements are numerous. He helped establish prison seminaries that train long serving inmates for ministry. He wrote one bestseller about being Christian.

Patrick has been a Texas Senator, anchor for three different television stations in Houston and Austin. He is now running to be the state’s Lieutenant Governor again! Patrick previously served as Senate President pro Tempore before being elected into office again. This time he is running with more than two dozen childrens’ organizations supporting his campaign funding efforts. They have a radio show which raised over $16 million dollars towards making life better. It enabled them to reach potential candidates or other influencers who can help make change happen.

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Lt. Governor Patrick is a family man. He married his wife almost 50 years ago. Jan is a former Texas school teacher. He fathered two children and became a grandfather twice over in the process.

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Get involved in the Texas Lieutenant Governor’s race

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is a man of the people, and he’s going to every corner of Texas to make sure his constituents know they have a voice. He’s engaging with Texans in all industries and walks of life, so that no one feels left out or forgotten. If you want a Lieutenant Governor who will fight for Texas families, vote for Dan Patrick in November 2022.

President Donald J. Trump endorsed Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas

“Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is outstanding and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”


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